In Sibling Rivalries, the Green Bay Packers is also the name of a youth football team based in the SR version of Green Bay, Wisconsin, being the tritagonist gang of the series after the McReary Family and Salvador Real's Gang. Their logo is the same as the real life Packers' logo.

By the events of Sibling Rivalries: The Next Chapter, Gerry and Jose are the only known players from 2013 to still be on the team.


After "Hello, Wisconsin!", Gerald McReary was signed up for this team, and became the quarterback. He says the whole team loves him, as Gerry is really talented at football. The Green Bay Packers' rival team is the Wisconsin Warriors, which are also based in Green Bay.



  • Gerry plays for this team and he loves it, but oddly, his favorite football player is Drew Brees, who is on the New Orleans Saints, not the Packers.

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