Grand Theft Friendships is not particularly long (only 30 missions total), but there are many missions Dimitri must finish to win Salvador Real as a friend.


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Chapter 1: Liberty City Elementary School in BrokerEdit

0. Introduction (not an actual mission)

1. School's Out (first storyline mission)

2. The Lost and Found

3. Meet the Saviour

4. The Note...

5. ...The Note

6. Every Dog Has Its Day

7. Excersize To The Extreme!

8. Salvador Sends His Regards

9. Farewell, Broker

Chapter 2: Algonquin and State of AlderneyEdit

11. I Have Connections

12. First Date

13. The Legacy of Azriel Arce

14. Union Drive

15. Free Ride

16. Sayonara, Bullies

17. Stalker

18. Helicopter Tour

19.  Four Leaf Clover

20. School's Back In Session

Chapter 3: Back To BrokerEdit

21. The Last Task

22. Azriel's Flight

23. Last Requests

24. That Special Someone

25. Keep Your Friends Close... (final storyline mission)

Post-Game Chapter: Choas at Quilava Island! (add-on missions)Edit

26. Flight to the Island

27. Giant Caterpillars, Crabs, and Bats. Oh my!

28. Ramos and the Wizard

29. We run and Fight

30. Escape from the Island. (final mission overall)


Pastimes in GTF include participating at Liberty City Elementary School, like going to English class (which is something you can also do in Bully, another Rockstar game), math, science (making experiments), and social studies (answering history questionsand checking if they're right), and gym class (although Dimitri seems iffy about the idea at first). Outside of school, you can walk your dog, ride your bike around town, and watching TV (something available in GTA IV and GTA V). You can also stop at the Café for a sip of Chuckola Cola to refill your stamina. Unfortunately, during the course of events in GTF, it is shown that Dimitri sunk Quilava Island, so you cannot experience the events there after the optional chapter. However, Quilava Island is still there in real life.