The video game Grand Theft Auto IV exists in the T.J. Productions Comic Universe, and it is presumed that every other game in the series does as well. The game is mentioned many times in Sibling Rivalries and Cletus Comics.

It is presumed that the storyline in this universe's version of GTA IV is the same as that of the real world GTA IV, following Niko Bellic attempting to start a new life in Liberty City and make a living with his cousin Roman Bellic while finding the man that betrayed his military squad many years ago.

Many characters and events in both series are inspired by said game, although that would mean any GTA IV character whose name was given to a character in either comic series now no longer exist in the game (the McReary family, Dimitri Rascalov, and Ray Boccino).

Known Fans/PlayersEdit


  • In the Cletus Comics comic "CleTetchus 60", released sometime in 2012, Cletus is seen playing GTA IV in his house. The guy on the TV is wearing a hat (which is what DR4L likes putting on Niko), and he's at the strip club. Niko apparently gets arrested by touching a stripper, which is not possible in the real GTA IV.
    • However, this part was edited out later, due to it being inappropiate for a young audience.
  • Niko Bellic makes a cameo in the SR comic Locker 239, when Marco plays GTA IV from a TV in the locker. Although not explained, Niko is shown on the phone outside of a safehouse. Marco says the mission he is on is hard, although it doesn't look like a mission.