Episodes from San Andreas, are fan-fiction expansion packs for Grand Theft Auto V that add extra missions, areas, characters and other content to the Grand Theft Auto Universe, as well as new storylines that interweave with the main GTA V storyline at intervals. Created by Enigma24 the expansion packs are set in a significantly expanded version of the original GTA Universe known as the GTA Expanded Universe. The expansion packs take the form of full-length fan-fiction stories released in chapters.

List of EpisodesEdit

Brotherhood RisingEdit

The first episode in the series Brotherhood Reborn follows the Devils Chosen Motorcycle Club detailing its rise to power in the criminal underworld of San Andreas. It centres on primary protagonist Angus Martin after his release from prison detailing the birth of his club and his rise to prominance in the criminal underworld. The storyline has a dark and gritty tone following the actions and lifestyles of members of the Devils Chosen. In addition to telling Angus' story the episode also tells the story of the club as a whole following a number of club members. It sees the protagonist, Angus Martin, battling rivals across the state while also overseeing the growth of his club.

At the beginning of the episode the Devils Chosen own an informal clubhouse and primarily patrol the small coastal city of Waylon in northern San Andreas. But as the storyline progresses the club moves into a formal clubhouse and establishes a second chapter in the city of Montgomery. Primarily active in Waylon the club is classed as a serious threat to public safety partaking in gang warfare, drug manufacturing and distribution, illegal gambling, prostitution, loan sharking and other criminal activities.

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