Gerald "Gerry" McReary's obsession with football is a running gag throughout the Sibling Rivalries franchise. Below is a list of all of the time Gerry has made references to football in the series. 

Football Moments and MentionsEdit

Book 1Edit

  • Hello, Wisconsin!: Gerry's first words in the series are him pretending Drew Brees is making a touchdown. He even has his own prized NFL football seen in later comics. He also is happy when he gets a football-themed room, the NFL Sunday Ticket, and is signed up for a football team.
  • In the The McRearys Get Schooled!, Gerry is seen in his dirty football uniform, which he never took off the night after the game. He is late for school and forgets to change, eat breakfast, take a shower, and brush his teeth.
  • Frightful Football Reunions marks the first time Gerry is seen playing football (albeit only playing catch with Joel Gonzales), but only for a brief moment.
  • The Big Trade-Off is an important moment in Gerry's football season. This marks the first appearence of his football team, and from this comic on, the football uniforms look more realistic. Gerry is revealed to be a quarterback, and the team's favorite player. He sprains his hand when he is tackled, so Patrick McReary, his older brother, replaces him in the game.
  • No football references are seen in the following comics (Gonzales Vs. McReary and Diamonds in the Rough).
  • In The Curse of the Milderbeast, the family is camping, and Gerry asks if anybody wants to tell a scary story.
"Gerry: Hey, nothing ends a good camping day like a scary story!
Francis: Gerry, if this is a story about the Saints losing to the Eagles, let somebody else go this year.
Gerry: No, this time it's a story about them losing to the CARDINALS!
―The scene
  • Locker 239: Gerry says that if he wins the locker, he will hang all of his football posters up in it.
  • San Salvador's Story: The comic starts with Gerry saying how everyone should play football, but Packie tells him not everyone likes football (although Packie will reveal he likes it in A Day With Drew Brees). He also shows his "dark side" for the first time by saying "Who cares about STUPID football?"
  • Yearning to be Young: Gerry watches a college football game with his siblings, although it bores them to sleep, even their mom falls asleep. Gerry then falls asleep himself. The next day, he goes to football pratice off-"screen" and comes back all sweaty (a traditional thing in SR). 20 years into the future, he is seen watching a Saints football game (although it is unknown if the team will still be together by 2033) with Francis.

Book 2Edit

  • The McRearys' Halloween Special!: Gerry dresses up as Drew Brees, sporting his #9 jersey.
  • Roommates: In Gerry's only cameo appearence, he is seen sleeping, having a dream of Drew Brees making a touchdown.
  • The Football Faker: Football is once again the comic's main topic. After lying and saying he is a professional football player, Gerry must pretend to be Packie after his friends (that are girls) wantbto see him in action.
  • The Ballad of Anti-Cutecumber: Once again, Gerry is only seen once, this time being awake and watching a football game. He complains and says "How do you NOT see him coming?", hinting Drew Brees was tackled.
  • Happy New Year!: Gerry is seen playing catch with Jose Gonzales, Joel's younger brother.
  • No football references are seen in the following comic, Love is What Makes the World Go 'Round.
  • A Day With Drew Brees: Gerry wins a visit from professional quarterback Drew Brees, and makes him sign all of his (Gerry's) footballs.
  • Dodgeball Mishap: Gerry is seen playing dodgeball, along with Packie.
"I don't see why you (Packie) worry too much. It's (dodgeball) not football, but it's still fun!"
―The only football mention, said by Gerry

Book 3Edit

  • Best Brother: Once again, football is mentioned only once ("It's okay to choose a favorite football player, but a favorite SIBLING just doesn't seem right").
  • Do You Get The Message?: Gerry says Madden NFL 12 is his favorite game (it is also DR4L's favorite, behind the Grand Theft Auto series)
  • Not Afraid (Of Losing My Concert Tickets): Gerry mentions how his football blanket was used to make a tent in the living room.
  • Meet The Robots!: In the beginning of the comic, Gerry is upset that Kate changed the TV channel from football to iCarly. He says that was the only football game he ever missed, and he feels terrible. Later, Gerry appears in his football uniform again, and he goes to football practice with Angel.

Book 4=Edit

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