Frosted Sea

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Author's NoteEdit

The whole story is written through Lapis Lazuli's POV

1:300 Years LaterEdit

I flew with my arms spread wide open and twirled in the air. It was already twilight and I lost track of time as I reminisce.

Being stuck on Earth isn't bad at all. I mean, there are so many places I saw and I avoid the Crystal Gems as much as possible. They have their warp pads activated all over the Earth and, from what I heard, they are collecting the remaining artifacts of what's left of their old settlements. I also try to avoid any human contact, much like the Winter Spirit Jack Frost though humans couldn't see or physically touch him. We decided to go on our separate ways one hundred years ago and we didn't bump to each other ever since.

In our two hundred years of our companionship, I've got to know Jack long enough to know most of his mischievous acts and pulled them off perfectly. He tried to make me fall on one of his numerous pranks but failed since water and snow don't go together. Nonetheless, we can manipulate each other's elements by Jack turning my water into ice and vice versa on weird circumstances. I remember while we're soaring above the clouds on a sunny day, he freezes my wings and I lose altitude, gravity begins to pull me back to Earth and air rushing against my back. Good thing he caught me on his arms. I was about to shout at his face but a bunch of airplanes sped off the air as we hid inside among the thick clouds. After the sounds died down, I summoned my wings from my gem and Jack dissipated the clouds with the wind at his command. I pulled myself together as he released me. I glared at him and crossed my arms, demanding an explanation.

He explained that he did that for my safety. If he didn't freezes my wings, I might ended up colliding with the airplanes. I told him that he should have shouted but he just shrugs and he said naively, "I panicked"

That memory make me snicker every time I remember it. Maybe because of my ignorance or Jack's innocent look as if nothing happened.

I smiled as I landed down on the ocean, the water beneath my bare feet felt very welcoming. My wings dissolved as I sat atop of the ocean and looked up at the night sky. I looked on the significant planet, even it was far away, I can hear it was calling my name. I frowned and bit my bottom lip, sadness welling up within my chest.

It's been awhile since I crushed Rose Quartz's army. I pulled my knees closer to my chest and covered my ears as I begin to heard the agonizing screams of the Crystal Gems in my head. Horrible memories flashed through my mind and I keep telling myself to calm down. It didn't help.

But, suddenly, I remember that Rose stabbed me behind my back but it didn't hit my gem. I was pulled into her arms, her eyes filled with sorrow as she looked down to me.

Blood found its way up my throat and I violently sputtered it out, staining my dress with blue goo. My vision is fuzzy but I can see Pink Diamond's glamorous face, it is full pain and sorrow. I opened my mouth to shout that how much I hate her. How she betrayed our beloved Homeworld. How she chose Earth to protect its habitants.

Instead, tears welled up my eyes and said these words, "I-I'm s-sorry"

With that, the Gem gently smiled and wiped the tears away. "It's fine, Lazuli, you're just following orders from Blue Diamond"

I coughed more blood before I felt that I need to retreat to my gem. I can't understand what was Quartz is saying as I begin to feel my form dissipated.

Everything went black.

I reformed, but this time, my hair is shorter. Instead of having a long blue dress, I have a backless crop-top and knee-length navy blue skirt. Once I gained composure, I found myself standing on the ocean, facing Rose Quartz a few feet from where I am.

"Why are you freeing me?" the words came out harshly from my mouth like a venom, "I don't deser-"

"You deserve to live, Lapis Lazuli" she said, her tone is composed and didn't have any signs of anger, "You are free from the Diamonds' command"

"But this isn't my home!" I shouted, the water surrounding me swirled beneath my feet.

"Indeed" Rose said and looked up, "But Earth is wonderful, can't you see?"

My guard slightly faltered as I looked around. For the first time in my life, I never saw a sunset and the sky's wonderful hues. All rage within me suddenly disappeared and looked back at Pink Diamond.

"You will Earth appreciate as we, the Crystal Gems, do" she said, "But you still have time to choose to go back to Homeworld"

I stood silently and stared at my shadow and reflection on the water. The other half of me wants to go to Homeworld while the other half wants to stay here where I can be free from the orders of Blue Diamond.

"I'll stay" I said firmly.

Rose smiles and folded her hands with glee. I gave her a small smile before letting my body sink in the ocean.

My memory is interrupted when an unfamiliar voice shouted, "There she is!"


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