From Suffering And Back Again
Released February 12th, 2009
Recorded 2008-2009
Length 76:34
Label Rollin' Nines Records
Producer Pathos, Rollin' Nines Records

From Suffering And Back Again was the debut album of amateur rapper Pathos. It was recorded in early 2009 as a remastered version of an earlier self-made album released by Pathos in mid-2008. The album was remastered in order to bring it up to professional quality using full studio facilities.

Remastered at the Rollin' Nines Records recording studio in North Holland the album covers themes such as feelings of parental neglect, growing up on the street, living with next to nothing and being looked down on by everyone. It takes its inspiration from Pathos' troubled childhood spent in the care of a neglectful mother.

Track List Edit

  • Track 1 - "Street Rat"
  • Track 2 - "I Ain't Yo Bitch"
  • Track 3 - "No Favours"
  • Track 4 - "Look At Me"
  • Track 5 - "Straight Up Hustler"
  • Track 6 - "Back Alley Boy"
  • Track 7 - "Ain't Gonna Be No Busta"
  • Track 8 - "Rising Like A Phoenix"
  • Track 9 - "Second Chances"
  • Track 10 - "Outta This Place"
  • Track 11 - "I'm Gonna Be Someone"
  • Track 12 - "Big City Roller"

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