Frederick Harrison
2008 LCPD Mugshot
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto IV
Episodes from San Andreas: Brotherhood Rising
Full name: Frederick Harrison
Also known as: Mr. Harrison
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1978 (aged 35)
Place of birth: Halstead, Alderney
Home: Los Santos, San Andreas
Nationality: American
Main Affiliation: Devils Chosen MC
Angus Martin
Weapons: Pistol
Vehicle(s): Metallic red Lycan
Businesses: Mechanic

Frederick Harrison is a character in the GTA Expanded Universe, who appears as a secondary deuteragonist in Brotherhood Rising. He makes his debut appearance as a prospect with the Devils Chosen MC in 2011.

He is a close friend of Isaac Hayes, who acts as sponsor for him with the club, and is frequently seen with him. As the club's first prospect he enjoys a great deal of respect from the newer members. Frederick earned his moniker "Gunner" due to his marksmanship and skill with guns.

By 2013, he has been patched in and acts a club enforcer.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Frederick was born in 1978 in Halstead, Alderney. As a small boy he preferred to be called "Freddy" and vocally expressed this desire well into his teens. He received a stereotypical "All American" upbringing and developed a deep sense of pride in his country as a child. He played as a Linebacker on his high school football team rising to the lofty heights of popularity.

It was during high school that Frederick first developed an interest in motorcycles. He took shop class in order to work on the motorcycle wrecks owned by the school and soon became strongly mechanic-minded. Although he had grown up as a law-abiding young American in a family with conservative values Frederick developed a reputation as a bad boy in his senior year. He fell in with a bad crowd and began getting into trouble. His interest in motorcycles and his bad reputation directed him into a shady life on the wrong side of the law.

Adult Life Edit

Frederick moved to Alderney City in 2003. He found work as a mechanic at a local automotive garage and worked hard to make a living. However, his reputation followed him to Alderney City and he found himself getting into trouble with the law yet again. He fell in with a crew of Berchem-based car thieves and took part in an illegal chop shop selling stolen car parts for a profit. In 2008, he was caught in the act of attempting to steal a number of cars with the help of a street crew. He was arrested along with most of his crew and sentenced to three years in Alderney State Correctional Facility.

Criminal Record Edit

San Andreas Criminal Database Record Edit

First Name:Frederick
Place of Birth:Halstead, Alderney
  • Patched member of the Devils Chosen Motorcycle Club.
Criminal Record:
  • 2003 - Disorderly Conduct
  • 2008 - Grand Theft Auto
  • 2008 - Resisting Arrest
  • 2011 - Parole Violation