"Oh, Charles... I am so sorry that I am doing this. You were always a nice, friendly man. I will miss you..."
―Chris Turner to the sleeping Charles Duran, seconds before causing his death

Flatline is the seventh chapter of Turner's Second Chance.


Tristan Duran has Chris go on a mission to the hospital and kill his sick father by unplugging his life support, which Chris nervously and quickly carries out, disguising himself as a friend of Charles that nobody will recognize.

Character AppearancesEdit

Note: A name in Italics indicates this is the character's first appearance.


  • The chapter name and overall premise was taken from the Grand Theft Auto IV mission Flatline.
    • The chapter also bears resemblance to the GTA IV mission The Master and the Molotov, where the protagonist kills the main antagonist's closest associate thinking they will be paid for it, but are betrayed when the antagonist stabs them in the back in the next mission (chapter in this case).
  • This chapter is notable for being the first time in the T.J. Productions Comic Universe a character (especially a protagonist) has ever killed another character on-"screen".
    • It should be noted that Chris did not want to commit the murder, but he was forced to by Tristan.
      • Also, GTA Nerd decided not to show Charles passing away when the life support is turned off; instead the scene pans to the life support, and the flatline on the monitor is shown. Charles's deceased body does not appear at all.
  • This chapter, along with Leonardo Monteiro and Alexander Thompson, are the only instances where Chris (reluctantly) commits serious crimes.


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