Felix Irwin is a mentioned character in Sibling Rivalries: The Next Chapter. He is a kicker for the freshman football team at Green Bay Southwest High School.

As a minor running gag, Felix will not appear physically in the series, instead being mentioned (being the second character to only be mentioned after Giovanni Ancelotti). His first mention was in "Love At First Plight", where Joseph Levine exclaims "Hey Felix, look at this!", when Victor Clay has become partially naked after mocking Bruce Warren. His second mention was in "The Ballad of Isaiah Trevino", where Anthony DeoBer denies having knocked over the water coolers at football practice, and blames it on Felix. It is revealed in "The Flash Drive Complication" that Felix is a kicker along with Anthony, with his position being unknown up until then. It is hinted that Felix is not liked very much as the kicker, and Anthony is preferred.


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Sibling Rivalries Main Series


Sibling Rivalries The Next Chapter (Season 1)



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