Farewell, Broker is a mission given by D'Angelo Magana in Grand Theft Friendships. It is started immediantly after Salvador Sends His Regards.


Dimitri rushes to D'Angelo's house, where D'Angelo tells him he really tipped off Salvador Real, and they got to hide out out of the borough for a while. He says Algonquin is not full of "dangerous" 7th Graders, so they can go there until they fix their problems with Salvador. Dimitri agrees, and prepares to go.


Some 7th Graders will start chasing after you. Hurry up and cross the Broker Bridge to Algonquin, and go to the hideout in The Meat Quarter. There, the duo seem happy about Algonquin, but it is only temporary. He will call and tell Dimitri's parents about their situation. Dimitri goes out to seek advice from someone about Salvador.


There is no monetary reward, but you of course, open the next mission, I Have Connections, and you also get a new "safehouse" in Algonquin. You can also freely explore Algonquin. You can go back to Broker whenever, but it may not be safe to.


  • The two don't seem young enough to leave Broker themselves and go to the even bigger Algonquin. It is strange why they didn't go to north up to Bohan.

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