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Medieval and ModernEdit

Inspired by a dream occured in July 9, 2017.

Original Dream Edit

The King's sons and daughters left the kingdom to explore on the modern world. Most of them became magicians, manipulating people and getting their riches. Meanwhile, two of them have supernatural powers and cooperated it with her dancing which impresses the modern people and she became an internet famous. Eventually, the King ordered his servants to get his children and strapped them on to the chai specilized for them. In the throne room, the King showed their previous video calls with them, most are bragging their riches and fortunes. The princess sanked down from her chair when her father turn on her and plays the video meant for her. Unlike her siblings, it is from a recording from a person who records her whole dancing number which displays her projected thoughts and colors dancing with her (on the stafe). After the dance, the audience gave her a standing ovation as she bows formally at them. (The dream is interrupted, don't judge meh)

    • This dream is set around in our modern wolrd twisted with steampunk and Medival (???) technology and clothes
    • The clothes are more likely inspired by different eras too (but, again, twisted by steampunk)
    • Despite technology taking over the era, the kingdom is well-adjusted to modern world but has more access on the magical/fantasy gadgets.
    • The Queen of this kingdom is not present all presuming she died before her children set off to different cities.
    • Magical Mirros are used for any video call and compatible to any technology at hand. (These items cannot be hacked either)
    • The king has 12 children (which are already late adoloscents/adults), presuming some of them MIGHT be adopted since they are the one who convinced the other siblings to go to the modern world.

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