Fanfictions and stoof

And when I say "dedicated", I meant towards series and fictional characters lol xD


  • A Titan Underground (Teen Titans x Undertale)- Assigned to a special mission, our favorite enigmatic titan embarked on this special quest. What could possibly go wrong?
    • Dedicated to none other than Raven, my favorite Teen Titan.
  • The VIOLET Team (Team Fortress 2) - Besides RED and BLUE teams we currently known of, another team exists from a distant parallel universe where they are called the VIOLET team; mercenaries specialized hunting down interdimensional heroes and villains alike.
    • Each characters will have their own sub-chapter which is correlated in the main storyline.
    • Dedicated to Team Fortress 2.
  • Direct Lens (Hunger Games) - The Capitol is, by far, the richest in the Panem continent, but through her lenses, it's also rich of filthty lies and corruption.
    • Dedicated to Cressida.
    • Three-shots
  • X Heroes (Powerpuff Girls) - The power of this chemical is to give life... and tremendous power to turn one into evil.
    • One-shot
    • Alternate Timeline/Canon Divergent.
    • Dedicated to Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup.
  • Old Burns (Ducktales x Wander Over Yonder Crossover) - The former Destroyer of the Worlds entered the world of Ducktales wherein she met someone who would turn her whole life around.


  • Extension of Tadashi  (Big Hero 6) - Made in 2014
    • Dedicated to Hamada Brothers.
  • Herd of Zebras (The Last of Us) - Made in 2013
    • Dedicated to The Last of Us.
    • Also to Joel and Ellie.
  • Nothing but Cold (Frozen) - Made in 2013
    • Dedicated to Elsa and Anna's sibling relationship.
  • One Cold Night  (Rise of the Guardians x Tangled) - Made in 2013
    • Dedicated to Jack Frost and Rapunzel (in a platonic way because why not)

To be revisedEdit

  • Frosted Sea (Rise of the Guardians x Steven Universe)
    • Specially dedicated to Jack Frost and Lapis Lazuli
      • Two of my most favorite characters from their respective series.
  • Legends on the Cartoon Network City (Cartoon Network x Rise of the Guardians)
    • Dedicated to Rise of the Guardians and Cartoon Network
  • Me and the Fictional World (Any fandom ft. Me)
    • Dedicated to any series I am in because I am a freakin' total trash lol.
  • Dark Titans (Teen Titans x Rise of the Guardians)
    • Dedicated to Teen Titans and Rise of the Guardians.
    • This is set after 3 years Trouble in Tokyo.


  • Gaps (Steven Universe)
    • A fic supposed to be dedicated to Pearl whereas she tricked Garnet to fuse and form Sardonyx.
  • Redemption (Steven Universe)
    • Dedicated to Peridot
      • Have another of my (obvious) favorite characters, folks lol
    • Canon Divergent because this fic was set towards Peridot's redemption AFTER the episode "Jailbreak".


  • My recent stories/fanfictions will be published here in Randomness Wiki. When it is completed, it'll be posted to other sites like and Ao3.

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