"We lost everything when the Talon Company attacked. I swore that once we rebuilt Arefu I'd build Brailee a new home. One better than that shack back in Old Arefu."
―Kenneth commenting on his house
The Ewer Residence is a location in Arefu. It is the personal residence of Kenneth Ewers, Brailee Ewers, Samuel Ewers and Martha Ewers. The large single-story building is located near the center of Arefu directly opposite the King Residence. It is built from scavenged materials, in the traditional fashion common in the wasteland, topped with a corrugated iron roof. The family home closely resembles many wastelander homes dotted across the Capital Wasteland.

Layout Edit

The large single-story home is divided into four rooms. The largest of these rooms serves as a dual role as a lounge area and a kitchen. It features a dirty couch positioned against one wall with a coffee table and two wooden chairs scavenged from the wasteland. The seating is arranged around the coffee table which features a small radio and a decorative bowl. An improvised cooking station is positioned against the rear wall of the room of the room with a worn chest of drawers serving as a food storage area.

The second largest room is set aside to serve as Kenneth and Brailee's bedroom. It is decorated with a large wire-frame double bed and mattress salvaged from the ruins of Old Arefu. A chest of drawers has been placed against the east wall near the door to the lounge area to serve as clothing storage. A pair of worn wooden chairs have been placed next to the western wall to provide seating. A Yao Guai fur rug bought from a wandering trader adorns the floor at the foot of the bed. Aside from these decorations the room is mostly bare.

Two smaller rooms serve as the bedrooms of the Ewer children. Both are decorated in much the same way with wire-frame beds, home-made shelving to serve as clothing storage and personal decorations chosen by their occupants. Martha's room features an assortment of girl's toys, a teddy bear and a half-functioning Giddyup Buttercup. Samuel's room features an assortment of boy's toys and a collection of pristine wooden toy soldiers - his most prized possession.

Inhabitants Edit