"Don't think little Chiquita forgot about you!"
―Mr Johnson

Every Dog Has Its Day is the first mission given by Mr Johnson in Grand Theft Friendships.


Dimitri Rascalov, still trying to recover about his embaressment in the previous mission, walks in his house. He greets his parents, and his dad tells him maybe walking his dog may help him get his mind off of the situation. Dimitri agrees, so he gets his dog, puts her leash on, and goes outside. Salvador and Eduardo stare at Dimitri as he walks away.


Walk Chiquita around the block. The yellow line seen in all other missions shows you where to walk your dog on. Upon returning, Dimitri unties Chiquita, gives her a hug, and lets her go back inside.


Dimitri recieves $12 from his parents (that's his allowance), and you can now walk Chiquita around as much as you like by returning to her at the house. You also unlock Excercise To The Extreme!.

Post-Mission Phone CallEdit

Call #1Edit

  • D'Angelo: Dimitri, are you okay?
  • Dimitri: Yeah, I'm fine.
  • D'Angelo: I'm sorry things didn't go as planned with Salvador. You gonna try again?
  • Dimitri: Hell yeah. I'm not gonna be jealous of him for long! You're gonna help me with this.
  • D'Angelo: Of course. We're best friends!
  • Dimitri: We better be! Later, man. I'll call you when I have a plan.

Call #2Edit

  • Dimitri: Hello? Who's this?
  • Salvador: The man of your dreams!
  • Dimitri: Salvador? Hey, man, I'm trying to-
  • Salvador: Yes, I know. Are you, gay?
  • Dimitri: Gay? What kind of question is that?
  • Salvador: You sent me a note. You're dying to be my friend. You even included your phone number and address!
  • Dimitri: Salvador, just please be my friend and I'll stop it. Hello? Hello? DAMN IT!

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