Evergreen Mills

Evergreen Mills in 2287

Evergreen Mills is a location in the Capital Wasteland occupied by the Bloodclaws in 2287.

Background Edit

Before the Great War, Evergreen Mills was a privately owned steel foundry that produced steel products for the automotive and robotics industries. It was served by freight trains that used its network of railway lines to transport the steel from the factory across the Columbia Commonwealth. Company records stored in a secure safe in the rear of the building reveal that Robco Industries and Chryslus Motors were its most prominent clients.

History Edit

In 2281 Evergreen Mills was the site of a brutal raider war between two rival raider clans. The original occupants of the raider stronghold refused to submit to the newly formed Bloodclaws led by brutal raider boss Cain. The Bloodclaws demanded that the unnamed clan open their gates and surrender their base of operations to them. The raider inhabitants of Evergreen Mills refused and opened fire on the scouting party sent to deliver Cain's message.

Overview Edit

It is directly east of Smith Casey's Garage in the lawless and extremely dangerous southwestern wasteland. It is major raider stronghold in the Capital Wasteland occupied by a raider clan commanded by the ruthless raider boss Cain. Charnel house.

It has developed into a settlement in its own right with a marketplace, a functioning foundry, a brothel and a slave arena among its most notable attractions.


Trivia Edit

  • The original location and the image used to represent it remain the property of Bethesda Game Studios. This article exists as a work of fan-fiction intended to build upon in-game content.

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