Eri Shirasagi is a supporting/major character in Fragment's Note and a recurring character in A Different Perspective. She is Yukitsuki's best friend, and tends to be very hostile towards most men due to some level of androphobia.

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Eri's most notable trait is her instant animosity towards most males she meets. She is noted to be androphobic, although interestingly enough she is willing to set this aside when it comes to her friends. Eri can be very self-sacrificial when it comes to those she cares about, and she is willing to give her all for them.

Compared to the others, Eri has the least patience with Kazuhide's stupid remarks and is often the first to hit him when he says something careless.

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Differences from Canon Edit

  • In the original, Eri maintains an oddly amicable friendship with Mikiya despite being an androphobe. This was expanded upon in the fanfiction, which eventually led to
  • Eri acts noticeably more hostile towards the boys at the beginning of the fanfiction, while she was not as harsh in the original.
  • In the original, Eri only learns about Miu early on in her specific route. In the fanfiction, Eri spots Miu walking down the street with Yukiha, causing her to ask him about it later.
  • Unlike the original, Eri attends the proposal in the fanfiction.

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