Epilogue is the twentieth and final chapter of Turner's Second Chance. This is the Ending A variation of the chapter.


Chris is left feeling empty following Hunter's death, but he is comforted with the help of his friends. Officer Michael Smith marries Chris's mother and they all move into his house, which is bigger and more luxurious compared to their old apartment. Smith helps pay for Tonya's new legs, and also gets her sons into public school. Chris graduates high school and college and grows up to become a police officer. He marries his girlfriend Vanessa, and by 2030 they are now expecting a child. If it is a boy, they will name it Hunter.

Over the years, Chris continues to offer his services to the Clintons and the Escobars. He helps Leonardo Monteiro give up a life of crime and he grows up to be a successful businessman. Chris also remains friends with Jason Parker even though he hardly sees him anymore except when he visits San Francisco over the years.

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