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General information
Real Name

Elliora Lartner Colfall


Cerulean Frost (Shifter and Main Title)
Blazing Snowflake
Assassin Coldstone
The Snow Tempter (by the Hunters
Guardian of the Portals


Asheinson Coldfall (Brother)




Chaotic Neutral


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Brown (Human)
Blue (Shifter Form)
Orange(Shifter Form)
Gold (Possessed)


Brown (Human)
Cyan (Shifter Form)

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Tales of In-Between World

Tales of In-Between World


"The one thing you can't forget about Seiru is her icy blue eyes that can freeze your very soul" - Lathan, Tales of In-Between World Book.

Original Appearance (Main 12 Timeline)Edit

Seiru, in her human and original form, has an average height and slim build, making the others think she's not a formidable opponent and able to outmatch others, though, she have proven them wrong many times during sparring sessions that she's definitely one of the Twelves you don't want to mess with. Seiru's hair is naturally brown and a part of it is dyed with blue; it is usually seen in a pony-tail. The color of her monolid-shaped eyes are brown, has a well-refined nose and thin lips. She wears a transparent visor that almost look like a glasses but one will get the point if they look from the another perspective. She usually wears hoody with variety of colors and Main 12 T-shirt underneath, along with torn pants or long shorts. She either wears pair of sneakers or slippers, depends on her mood.

In her Mechanical Shifter form, her height increases to 5'8 and able to maintain her petite build. She has her cyan hair, reaching her upper back. Seiru have striking, cold light blue eyes and is almost noseless in this form, having nostrils instead. Her mechanical shoulder, knee and elbow pads are removable from their respective placements. A synthetic "gem" is also found at the center of her chest, which glows and emits a small amount of energy whenever she enters the Aura mode. In this form, she could only use her ice element.

When mortally wounded or enraged either on her human or Mechanical form, her original blue color will transform into red or orange and will have black patches lining from her jawline and ended up with her cheeks with two, sharp ends. In this form, she can use both of her elemental powers, ice and fire. Her eyes will turn green this time and faintly glows in the dark. When reverted back to her normal mode, she could also use her fire element but not as strong when she was in "red" mode, as the others dubbed it. Because of this form, she gained the Shifter title "Blazing Snowflake" when she unlocked her Element mode.

In both forms, she designed her helmet and Lathan created it so she can summon it by using her aura. She can also summon arm cannons, a sword made out of her elements and, rarely, any types of guns. She and Lathan designed a jetpack on her form but this was only used during air-related missions or patrol.

Reincarnated Form(s)Edit

Unlike most of the Shifters who changes their appearances every reincarnation, Seiru remains the same appearance as her original Shifter form from her first reincarnation and onwards. She also kept her original component (snow) and gained different Shifter types in each lives. Though, her physical/Shifter forms changes and were completely different compare to her previous appearances.

Personality & BackgroundEdit

Original Lathan's SeiruEdit

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Like her real life counterpart, she is carefree and keeps a calm composure in some stressful situations. She is also an artist, and it wasn't surprising that she is the one who designed her helmet. Seiru usually ignores confrontations unless the matter is really needed to be solved.

Seiru has this habit of imitating the way people speak (using their intonations, words, etc), and gestures as she is very observant to the people around her. She is also an excellent eavesdropper as she can almost understand all the people are talking about. She can also tell if her friends are lying by carefully observing their body language and their eye movements. Seiru can be skeptical sometimes that it leads to misundestanding and will apologize quickly to the person who she misunderstood. Cerulean Frost can be clumsy sometimes, mostly in a goofy way and walks away like nothing happened at all.

Despite the fact that she smiles to almost everyone she knew, Seiru has a low self-esteem and hated herself for the mistakes she have done in the past. She is not expressive like the others and bottles up her feelings, leading her close friends to misunderstood her. She usually pouts when the others didn't get her point and will remain silent if asked again. Seiru is actually quiet anxious about a lot of things and keep things to herself. These hidden problems triggers her certain emotions, either inexplicably pushing her close friends away from her or quietly and/or uncomfortably leave a crowded room while everyone is chatting with each other. Knowing all the sadness, abandonment and loneliness for years, Seiru denies to leave a friend or enemy behind as she once described that she "saw herself everytime someone does it". Whenever she heard or seen a friend stuck in a predicament, she is hesitant to defend them but musters her courage to stand up against the offenders.

The Snow Shifter, much like her counterpart, have gifted talents like singing (also composing poems/songs), dancing, playing musical instruments (esp guitar), painting and many others she wouldn't knew that she will excel at. Due to her excessive insecurities and self-loathing, she doesn't show these to other people... unless she is alone in her room or doing chores at the Main Twelve meeting room by herself. Lathan said that if the other people heard her voice in secret, they are lucky because she has this "deep, melodic voice plucking your heartstrings". The Snow Shifter usually sad and/or love songs which she grew attached to. She never believed anyone who compliments (or criticize) her Alto voice type as she considered it herself it's terrible and not worthy for the others to hear. She also hates being forcefully showing her talents to other people and will instead sulk in the corner than being "humilated because I'm just clearly a joke and so are my talents".

When Seiru found out that Lathan and his brother Light have been listening or/and watching whenever she sings alone in a lonely room or while doing her chores when no one is around, she suddenly stops singing on the meeting room alone and also starts to avoid her friends, afraid that they might heard from the brothers that she can sing. Most of the day, she locks herself in the room and listens to her songs while crying quietly, hating the world that will soon judge her someday.

Seiru, unlike her real counterpart, experiences romantic feelings to some Shifters. Though she knew she wasn't attractive like the others, very few Shifters around her age are attracted to who she is.

Generally with her (now past) lovers, Seiru is genuinely sweet and doesn't embarass them in front on other people. She sometimes throw a few teases here and there, getting them caught off guard with her sneaky kisses. She's open with their thoughts and emotions, her lovers knew she has an unspoken rules, for example, that if she found them breaking down, with reason or no reason at all, she doesn't ask questions (stupid or not) and comforts them without any hesitation. She leaves them be and waits for the right time that they will later tell her the reason. Seiru can be extremely overprotective of them, even if they parted ways and the other have their own life, she is fiece enough to protect them from the Hunters or any association that attempt to hunt him/her and their family.

When provoked, she has two different ways to express her anger. One is where she confronts her and/or other's offenders and criticize every point she's up against but she'll later admit the she regret most of the words said. Two, this is where she doesn't speak and, instead, transform into her Shifter form and thrash everything in sight. The second one usually happens when facing an enemy and taunted her, thrashing the place is enough to drain enough of her Aura, an advantage where her enemy will strike and take her down.

On their early reincarnations, Seiru became distant and tries to hide who they really are, both from the dangerous enemies roaming on every cities and the old and newer Shifters alike. They became an indeprendent, cold-blooded killer in their first reincarnation where they can slaughter small groups of Hunters in a few minutes. However, they showed signs that they still care about their fellow Shifters and taught newer generations about Lathan and their friends on how they defeated Dagger and his wretched army.

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There's no doubt Seiru is undeniably a Bisexual, just like her real life counterpart (who's still a closeted Bisexual). She did have certain types, in a way that she usually finds herself attracted to the traits of introversion, intellectual, independency, has a dry sense of humor to name a few. She rarely falls in love with normal humans, she is most attracted to "bad" boys or girls. One of the perfect examples is William, who was a former demon overlord that wants his Earth on the palm of his hands and got himself a redemption, he sees her as his best partner in different reincarnations and Seiru never proved him wrong.


Pre-Main 12Edit

Seiru grew in a peaceful suburban on the first universe, 27th futuristic Earth before Dagger came to destroy it. She's a brilliant engineer and an aspiring artist but was unable to show her works to the people, fearing that she might get criticize, especially she experienced verbal abuse from her past bullies. Her Earth was attacked by Dagger and his minions, alerting advanced armies on each nations. The armies fails to destroy the seemingly unstoppable militia created by the Bringer of Chaos. While her family mysteriously disappear among the chaos, she was able to finish her unnamed invention.

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Arc AppearancesEdit

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

"If you ask what should I choose between fire and ice, I'll say ice... just like my frozen heart" - Original Seiru.

  • Shifter Ability: Mechanical Shifter, later gained Elemental Shifter (Ice and Fire). Because of this ability she has also:
    • Superhuman Strength - Seiru has fairy enough superstrength to carry a boulder five times her size alone.
    • Superhuman Endurance - She is immune to normal bullets and missiles. Customized or elemental weapons can only hurt her.
    • Enhanced Speed - Not as fast at the users of Super Speed but fast and agile enough to outrun an average human.
    • Enchanced Archery - She was immediately thought by Light when she has taken interest with the bow and arrow. Her main inspirations are Merida and Katniss Everdeen.
      • Bow and Arrow Manipulation - She can make a bow and arrow out of ice.
  • When she regained her Original self's memories (thanks to Shifters), she gained her original powers and abilities which includes:
    • Flight - she had wings when she was an angel and a headmate of Original Lathan
    • Swordsmanship - Her sword made out of ice and customized translucent shield helps her fighting her opponents with ease.
    • Ice - Seiru has control over ice. She's an expertise handling this element well than her other element, fire. While using this, she can choose use fire and ice both, making her almost invulnerable to both elements.
      • Cold Energy Manipulation
      • Cold Empowerment
      • Cold Immunity
      • Cryostasis
      • Cryokinetic Combat
      • Cryokinetic Regeneration
      • Freeze
      • Ice Augmentation
      • Ice Aura
      • Ice Blast
      • Ice Embodiment
      • Ice Generation
      • Ice Healing
      • Ice Manipulation
      • Ice Mimicry
      • Ice Transmutation
      • Snow Manipulation
    • Fire
    • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic) - When unarmed or doesn't have enough time to summon her weapons, she is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant by hitting her enemies' weak point to throw off their balance. Her fighting style is aggressive but calculated, making her some of her opponents having a hard time to strike back.
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Shifter TitlesEdit

  • Cerulean Frost (Main Title)
  • Invisnow
  • Blazing Snowflake
  • Coldstone Assassin (First Reincarnation)


See Elliora Coldfall/Relationships


  • Adorkable - inspite of her usual Stoic facade, she's this when she's flustered.
  • Anti-Hero/Anti-Villain - she's a famous criminal in every freakin' city and can't be caught. She does the murder  for the sake of the Shifters (and formerly Hunters).
  • Badass Adorable - When not in any Shifter forms, she's this when forced to use her hand-to-hand combat
    • Cute Bruiser - it is undeniable Seiru can attract both genders and still kicks their asses anyways when she has the chance.
  • Badass Bookworm - both an engineer of her own armor and kicks butts armed or unarmed.
  • Badass Unintentional - she unintentionally becomes this when she rescues the citizens of Frost and Frigate unwittingly.
  • Break the Cutie/Break the Badass - many people/creatures have already deceived this fallen angel.
  • Brilliant But Lazy - she admits this and even lampshades this when she slacks off with her unfinished inventions lay around.
  • Broken Bird - literally in Original Lathan's arc.
  • Bi the Way
    • Immortality Bisexuality
  • Chessmaster - because of Dagger.
  • Deadpan Snarker
    • Stedford Snarker
    • Snark Knight
      • After Crossdressing as a man from a recent mission. (Snark-to-Snark Battle)
        • William Cipher: "Oh wow, now that's what I like to call a very generous act"
        • Seiru: "Wait, you call that generous?"
        • William: "Don't tell me you don't know sarcasm is, dear"
        • Seiru: "Now you know why I married you, you ass"
  • Determinator - Once Seiru has her courage is on full meter, she will never give up for the sake of the Shifters' future.
  • Driven to Suicide - yep, she herself one time.
    • Interrupted Suicide - however, the second one is interrupted.
  • Fallen Angel - quite literally in Original Lathan's arc.
  • Feather Motifs - well, she's a fallen angel, duh.
  • Fedora of Ass-Kicking - twice or so, she loves wearing fedora when in disguise and will kick her targets' butts.
  • Even the Girls Wants Her/Even the Boys Wants Him - she can change her sex for the sake of a disguise.
  • Good Is Not Nice
  • Heroic Self-Depreciation
  • Heartbroken Badass
  • Held Gaze
    • Romantic: usually with her past lovers.
    • Platonic: her brothers/sisters-in-arms and Shifters. Her fellow headmates too, especially with Dagger.
  • Perpetual Smiler - formerly
    • Stedford Smiler
  • The Ace/The Dragon
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are


  • Human form of Seiru
  • Old Shifter form
  • Old Human-Shifter concept for Seiru
  • Seiru w/ helmet (old palette)
  • Unfinished Sketch
  • Human Form sketch
  • Seiru's 1st reincarnation (and same as the rest of her future reincarnations)
  • Random Doodle #1 (Watercolor, w/ some stupid palette that gone wrong xD)
  • Seiru (in Rage Mode) summoning her Frosted Sword.
  • Final Color Scheme - Post-Golden Age Seiru Version 1


  • Seiru uses pronouns she/her/they/them just like her real counterpart.
    • But, unlike her counterpart, they are non-binary and genderfluid.
  • Seiru's exact theme is this which is all about all alone in a new place and being nostalgic at the same time.
  • Elliora might be almost the same as her counterpart, but she has her own unique character in the story. The said counterpart is only an inspiration whereas the huge part of the creator's personality is placed on this character and how would it work through different relationships with various characters. For short, she is still a totally different person from her counterpart.