"Aresnal12: Seiru"
"ColdSei: What"
"Arsenal12: How many Shifters kissed you? :3"
"Arsenal12: Are you screaming? :3"
"Arsenal12: Heh. I'll take that as a yes lol :3"

- Lathan and Seiru's online conversation about her numerous admirers.

Seiru's relationships with numerous characters in the series. Note that this happens throughout Seiru's reincarnated forms too.

Romantic InterestsEdit

Pre-Main TwelveEdit

Declan "Ryan" RecioEdit

"Ryan" is the first crush that Seiru had when she was in high school and both even get into the same college in a same class. Coincidentally, their houses is a block away from each other. One time, they became partners in a Chemistry subject for a whole term. Unfortunately, Seiru never got to see him again after Dagger's onslaught on her planet.

During Main TwelveEdit

Thomas "Andy" LotnerEdit

Seiru's main love interest in the series.

Seiru first met Thomas in a spaceship, the latter developed a crush on her. This grew when Seiru became an official Snow Shifter and shows her physical strenght against his bullies who have been bothering him in his school. When Thomas became a fire Shifter, Seiru volunteer to teach him and the two became close eversince. They hang out with Thomas' favorite places. Seiru is oblivious that Andy likes her and is planning to woo her someday.

Bill, one of Seiru's suitors, sent gifts that captures her attention numerous times. It suceeded in a span of three months and they started dating. One day, Thomas saw his best friend with Bill in the cafe and was brokenhearted. He destroyed his and Seiru's favorite place they usually hang out when he heard that Seiru and William are coming over. Seiru, out of concern, asks her best friend personally what is happening to him. The Fire Shifter only said that she should go with her boyfriend instead of him. Frowning, Seiru tries to reach a hand out to him but was shoved away, walking away from her.

She spent five months dating Bill and broke up five days after Christmas. After the broke up spread like a wildfire, Thomas rushed to his best friend's room and didn't find her there. Andy remembers that Seiru loves the coldest places on their area since it's Winter season. He went to her favorite places outside the town and found her at last in the place which he destroyed out of jealousy. He found Seiru sitting beside the scorched tree covered in white frost, her knees pulled up to her chin and elbows wrapping around her legs. Her signature blue scarf covers the lower potion of her nose and her unkempt hair hiding her weeping eyes. He ran up to the hill, leaving footprints upon the knee-deep snow.

Thomas decides to approach her slowly and heard her soft sobs that wringed his heart in sadness. He called her out softly and she looks up to him, her ferocious cold, blue eyes are now thawed and swollen from crying. Thomas didn't hesitated to hug her, her cold body is somehow warm today. Seiru rested her head against his shoulder and hugs back, seemingly her sadness are washed away by her best friend's presence. They stayed like that for a few minutes then Thomas said that they should get because it was getting dark. Tired, Seiru only nodded and stood up, letting him leading the way. Before the two could get into her room, the thoroughly exhausted Snow Shifter collapsed on the doorway and fell into Andy's arms. He carries her and settles her on the bed, pulling the sheets up and whispers "I love you" to her ear. He makes sure Seiru is comfortable before he leaves.

At New Year's Eve party, Seiru is yet again nowhere to be found on Lathan's so-called palace. Thomas finds her in one of her balcony, staring at the distance. He tries to invite her downstairs but she declines, saying she wanted to see fireworks at night sky. Thomas shrugged and said he'll stay with her, looking up to see few fireworks bursting into oblivion from afar. His heart begin racing when he thought he could do something to confess to her about his feelings. His thoughts are interrupted when Seiru nudged him and said it's already time. After a few seconds, the fireworks bursted, filling the sky with wonderful colors.

Without thinking, Thomas pulled her into a kiss that lasts for a few seconds.

[ To be added ]

William Constantin "Bill" D. Cipher Edit

William is one of the first love interests and, later, best allies of Seiru. The two had a rocky start when Bill is in a special jail before he was transported to Redemption Isles. He came back three years later after learning from the Isles that there is someone would change the rest of darkness in his heart. After a meeting from Arsenal/Lathan, he met Seiru with different look from the last he saw her. Lathan took notice of his attraction and nudged him while telling Cipher that Seiru has already a handful of suitors getting on her nerves. Bill told Lathan that he would get her heart with his powers but the leader of the Shifters told him that his powers are limited by the Shifter powers. He noted this while looking on Seiru with her best friend Thomas, a possible rival in his sights.

Damoria "Dominator" K. RhiehmEdit











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