"Aresnal12: Seiru"
"ColdSei: What"
"Arsenal12: How many Shifters kissed you? :3"
"Arsenal12: Are you screaming? :3"
"Arsenal12: Heh. I'll take that as a yes lol :3"

- Lathan and Seiru's online conversation about her numerous admirers.

Seiru's relationships with numerous characters in the series. Note that this happens throughout Seiru's reincarnated forms too.

Romantic InterestsEdit

Pre-Main TwelveEdit

Declan "Ryan" RecioEdit

"Ryan" was the first crush that Seiru had when she was in high school and both even get into the same college in a same class. Coincidentally, their houses is a block away from each other. One time, they became partners in a Chemistry subject for a whole term. Unfortunately, Seiru never got to see him again after Dagger's onslaught on her planet.

During Main Twelve (Major)Edit

William Constantin "Bill" D. Cipher Edit

William is one of the main love interests and, later, best allies of Seiru.

Shifter EraEdit

The two had a rocky start when Bill is in a special jail before he was transported to Redemption Isles. He came back three years later after learning from the Isles that there is someone would change the rest of darkness in his heart. After a meeting from Arsenal/Lathan, he met Seiru a with different look from the last he saw her. Lathan took notice of his attraction and nudged him while telling Cipher that Seiru has already a handful of suitors getting on her nerves. Bill told Lathan that he would get her heart with his powers but the leader of the Shifters told him that his powers are limited by the Shifter powers.

He successfully won her heart over her numerous suitors after four months of dating. The two are usually paired up in mission and became one of the popular couples in Shifters. On their third anniversary, Seiru was hesitant to do the "thing" with William since she's somewhat sensitive about the topic. On the following night, however, she decided to make love with him. The next day, she is shy meeting him in the eye as she was assigned to a solo mission specialized for her. Milestone comforted her and they both promise to talk about it when she came back.

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Hunter CrisisEdit


Damoria "Dominator" K. RhiehmEdit

Damoria, known as Dom to Seiru, is one of her main love interests.Edit
Shifter EraEdit

Unlike the male suitors of Seiru that have gone through, she stares and admiring the Snow Shifter from a distance. There's a rumor going on that time that Seiru is bisexual and this was confirmed by herself when interviewed by Lathan in a radio station. Unknowingly to Damoria, she is assigned to a mission with Seiru to eliminate a group of bandits' threat afar from United Country. Seiru is on a locker room that time and done fixing herself when the Lava Shifter corners her by putting her one hand on the locker, staring intently on the Snow Shifter's eyes. Without a second thought, she leans in and kisses her.

Seiru, of course, is surprised and flustered by this sudden action and able to pull the alien away with both hands on the her shoulders. At first, Seiru stuttered she's dating someone (yeah, it's Bill) and Damoria knows this news weeks ago. The Snow Shifter sighs and walks away, saying that they have mission to do.

Fighting off the bandits it really hard, especially when Seiru is awkward enough to clash with her partner who was looking at her the entire time. When they are cornered, Seiru whispers to the Lava Shifter to get a grip on herself and Damoria retorted the same thing. Without thinking, Seiru pushes her out of an incoming attack and was knocked off meters away. Furious, Damoria was able to fend off the bandits by herself when the ground beneath them cracked and followed swiftly by fire and lava that quickly incapacitate the group. She runs off to see Seiru is alright and saw the Snow Shifter is sitting, holding her bleeding temple. Even before Damoria could lift her face, Seiru kisses her sloppily and said she deserves that. Damoria stared at her in silence and help her get on her feet, going back to their assigned ship.

The two sat on the opposite sides of the ship with comfortable silence and Seiru breaks it by admitting she had never kissed a damsel before (she really said that, I swear). The few seconds of silence is followed by Damoria's lighthearted chuckle, amused and flattered by the way that the Snow Shifter have used "damsel". Dominator broke the silence again and says she is fine that Seiru is in love with Bill. After the ship landing on the pod, Seiru is required to go to the medical bay and says they'll be fine as she is guided by two nurses towards a bay.

Hearing that Bill and Seiru became an official couple, she is fine with that as long Bill doesn't hurt the Snow Shifter.

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Hunter CrisisEdit

Cressida WilliamsonEdit

Cressida is one of the main love interest of Seiru, especially in the Dark Ages II.

Shifter EraEdit

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Hunter CrisisEdit

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Dark Ages IIEdit

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The EndEdit

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Jackson Overland FrostEdit

Rachel "Raven" RothEdit