Flag of El Salvador

El Salvador, officially known as the Republic of El Salvador, is a country in Central America, being to the bottom left of Guatemala, and south of Honduras. The country is first mentioned in the Sibling Rivalries comic House Party, revealed to be the birthplace of "San" Salvador Marinez; he was born in El Salvador's capital, San Salvador, which explains how he got his nickname "San Salvador".

Salvadoran CharactersEdit

GTA Expanded Universe AppearancesEdit

  • El Salvador is briefly featured in Paleto Ranger. Ray encounters a small group of illegal El Salvadorean immigrants hiding deep in Paleto Forest and is forced to detain them. He recognizes their nationality when he spots an El Salvadorean flag drapped over a tree branch.
  • Angus Martin refers to the country when he mentions that he has a cousin who went into hiding in a remote area of El Salvador after shooting his girlfriend's abusive ex-husband.

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