―Edith Gonzales

Edith Gonzales (born sometime before 1965) is a minor character in Sibling Rivalries. She is the mother of Mr. Gonzales and his unseen brother, the mother in-law of Mrs. Gonzales, and the grandmother of Joel, Jose, and Tony Gonzales.

She appeared in the comic "Haunted House of Horror" (set on Halloween 2015), where the McReary siblings and their friends sneak into her house, thinking it is abandoned, and try to see if it really is haunted. There are lots of clues that make everyone seen like the house is haunted, including the power going out, glass falling off the shelves, and something running across everybody's legs. Edith also yells stuff like " Get out!", which frightens everyone and makes them think a ghost is living in the house.

Edith eventually reveals herself, and comes out with a tennis raquet saying "die, die, die!", scaring everybody. Just then, Tony and his best friend Salvador Martinez walk in, asking what is going on. Packie tells Tony that they all thought the house was abandoned, but Tony says that his grandmother has been living in the house for 50 years. Then Tony and Edith explain to everybody that the house was never haunted, and tell them that the light switch oftens shorts out (the power going out), Edith trying to kill a spider in her room ("Get out!"), and her cat Amanda, which was what the kids felt walking across their legs, and also what knocked the glass off of the shelves (the glass bottles were actually hair dye, which was what Edith was looking for, and explains why she was saying "die, die, die" , although she actually meant "dye, dye, dye"). Edith is also revealed to have hearing aids, which might have been why she never heard the kids in her house screaming and yelling.

After Packie apologizes to Edith about coming into her house without permission, and Edith forgives everybody by giving them Halloween candy.


  • Her character was inspired by Mrs. Halberstadt from the iCarly Halloween episode iScream on Halloween. Like Mrs. H, Edith is also going deaf and wears hearing aids, but she forgets to turn it on.
  • She could dye her hair red, which is why she has bottles of red hair dye (called "Human Blood" for some reason). However, since the comics have no color, it is unknown.