Dustbowl Leader is a chapter (and possible sub-chapters) for VIOLET Soldier.

Summary: VIOLET Soldier sneak in a RED team on a parallel universe and hilarity ensues.


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"These maggots aren't gonna win with all their whining and typical bull(censored)" John, the VIOLET Soldier, muttered. He watched the BLU Team capturing the first point through his futuristic binoculars at the top of a cliff. With a frustrated groan, he twisted its ocular lenses to zoom in to the battle. The binocular's lenses adjusted and he can now clearly see the RED Soldier fending off the BLU Scout and Demoman by launching his Rocket Launch aimlessly. He was eventually cornered and got killed by the Scout's bat. 

"Watching the battle, partner?" a familiar Texan accent blurted behind his back and almost made the binoculars slip from his hands. The thing bounces on his palms clumsily and finally settled on his tangled fingers, his oversized helmet wobbling on too much motion.

"E-Engie?! What are you doing here?" The Veteran's whole body turned to the Texan. His goggles and hat are off, it's an odd sightseeing, especially for Soldier. The VIOLET Engineer smiled and walk up beside him, staring at the Dustbowl and its teams.

"Who haven't answered me yet, you-" He was cut off and when Dell says: "You wanna join there, aren't ya?"

John turned to him and silently stares at his teammate, holding his binoculars like a lost child clutching on his toy. Dell knew the Veteran watching fights and will always root for the RED Teams on other universes. He mentally smiles at the thought and glances at Soldier.

"...Yes... I want to join to beat those BLU butts and send them to Hell!" His voice gradually changed from a mutter to his usual confident tone.

"Well then, son, let's sneak you on the RED team tonight" Dell said and already begin to calculate the plans.



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