Downtown Bullworth, most commonly referred to simply as Downtown, is the central business and financial district of Bullworth, New Langdon. It is bordered by the Abenaki River to the north, Franklin Heights to the northwest, Sherburne to the west and Wyman to the south. Situated at the very centre of the city it hosts an extensive shopping promenade centered on Franklin Square. The neighborhood also has indirect access to Whipple Bay via the mouth of the Abenaki River.

The neighborhood is based on the real-life Downtown Portsmouth neighborhood of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Character Edit

The district is home to most of the city's skyscrapers and corporate buildings. It hosts the corporate headquarters of several local businesses including Sancrest, the Bullworth Inquirer and Montrose Realty. The eastern portion of the district serves as the main corporate and financial centre while the western portion hosts high-rise apartments and businesses.

It is bordered by Pierce Avenue to the west and Judge Street to the south. These streets form major urban thoroughfares connecting the central business district with the rest of the city. There are two major bus stops on each street. Heavy traffic is common during the day but the streets become much quieter after dark.There is one main Bullworth Transit station in the district which coordinates the urban bus routes throughout the city as well as two main inner city bus routes.

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