Douglas in 2287

"Welcome to Arefu traveller! Please rest awhile and enjoy what our little village has to offer."
―Douglas greeting visitors to Arefu
Douglas, registration number DGLS-22587, is a Protectron found in Arefu in 2287. It was found wandering in the Capital Wasteland as a malfunctioning ex-military robot. Tinker Joe discovered it and took it to his workshop for repairs before selling to the people of Arefu.

The friendly-mannered robot is programmed to speak with a Southern accent intended to reflect its small rural village home. Douglas, to use the name given to it by the children of Arefu, acts as the village greeter welcoming visitors as they enter the settlement. Despite being capable of armed combat Douglas is programmed to attempt to peacefully resolve a situation and will only fire if he is attacked.

Notable quotes Edit

"Howdy stranger. It'd be mighty fine if you could refrain from any acts of hostility out of respect for our little community. We don't want any trouble but we won't hesitate to protect ourselves y'hear?"
―Douglas warning against acts of hostility
"It's mighty fine of you to ask stranger. My registration number is DGLS-22587, but folks around here call me Douglas. I serve as the village greeter meeting fine folks like yourself."
―Upon being asked about himself

"Hello there citizen! A pleasure to see you on this fine Wasteland morning. I trust you are having a good day?"
―Douglas greeting residents of Arefu

Trivia Edit

  • Douglas is programmed to be friendly and welcoming towards visitors, this attitude changes if it is attacked or if Arefu is threatened. In this event its programming switches to a serious and no-nonsense attitude.
  • Unlike other Protectron in the Capital Wasteland, who speak in a choppy fashion, it speaks with a smoother and more automatic voice. In this way, it is more closely comparable to Protectron in the Mojave Wasteland.

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