Dil as he appears in "Rugrats"


Dil as he appears in "All Grown Up!"

Dylan " Dil" Prescott Pickles is one of the main characters of the Nickelodeon TV shows Rugrats and All Grown Up!.

Dil made his debut in Rugrats: The Movie, being born to Didi and Stu Pickles. His older brother Tommy does not really like him, fearing that Dil will be in the center of attention and his parents will forget about Tommy. Throughout the movie (and the rest of the series itself), Tommy and Dil bond together and form a brotherly love for eachother.

Dil returns in All Grown Up!, which is set about ten years after the original Rugrats series. He is shown as the weirdest of the former rugrats, as he believes in many crazy things such as aliens. He picks up a skill for inventing, which he got from his father Stu. In this series, Tommy and Dil still love eachother, although many times Tommy is shown to get annoyed by his younger brother, and sometimes just wants time to himself. Dil still looks up to and loves Tommy like he did in the first series. 


  • Dil Pickles is not only The GTA Nerd's favorite character in the Rugrats franchise, but his favorite character in all of Nickelodeon. This is why he replaced Dimitri with Dil as the mascot of this wiki (although Dimitri's name remains in the wiki's name, and cannot be changed).


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