Diamond Deal Disruption was the fifth comic of The Brotherly Bond: The Brothers Return!, and is the unofficial series finale, since the entire TBB franchise was cancelled and eventually scrapped after this. It was released on September 11, 2013, and had a total of 9 pages.

This comic was a three-way crossover with the Cletus Comics comic "Cletus and the Diamond Deal" and the Sibling Rivalries comic "Diamonds in the Rough". However, following the cancellation of TBB and everything in the franchise being considered non-existant, none of these comics are canon to their respective series'.


AZRIEL-D2 invents a golden circuit board and offers to sell it to Cletus (from Cletus Comics) for a pouch of diamonds. However, during the exchange, the diamonds are stolen by Patrick McReary (from Sibling Rivalries) and his siblings.

Character AppearancesEdit

The Brotherly Bond
  • Jr
  • Azriel
  • Andrew (silent throughout comic)
  • Junior's mother (voice only)
Cletus Comics
Sibling Rivalries


  • Starting with this comic, Andrew would have a slightly different appearance, wearing black sleeves with his tee shirt, and pants instead of shorts. However, the series has been cancelled, so this would be the only time Andrew appears with this clothing.
    • Andrew also does not speak all in this comic, making "Transformer Jr." the last comic that he spoke in.
  • Cletus has full health in this comic, but in "Cletus and the Diamond Deal" he was low on health, which is why he agreed to buy the circuit board of AZRIEL-D2 (his health was never seen in "Diamonds in the Rough", since he was never seen from the front).
  • Azriel has the last lines in the franchise before it was discarded, saying "You got that right, D2!", when AZRIEL-D2 says he hopes that they will not run into Packie again at another diamond deal.
  • This three-way crossover is identical to the diamond deal crossover between The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, although three different comics are involved in this crossover, not just two. This crossover could also be similar to the Impossible Trinity in the GTA IV era, since the crossover is shown three ways.
  • This was the only comic that was written after Sibling Rivalries was created.


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