Devils Chosen MC Clubhouse-0

Clubhouse before it was remodelled

The Devils Chosen MC Clubhouse is a central location featured in the GTA Expanded Universe. It makes its debut in Brotherhood Rising as the base of operations of the Los Santos chapter of the Devils Chosen MC.

Located at the eastern end of San Andreas Avenue in La Mesa it was once used as an automotive repair garage before being purchased by the club in early 2013. Since then, it has been very extensively renovated and remodelled to serve as a highly secure club headquarters.

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The clubhouse sits on a large urban section on the northeastern end of San Andreas Avenue. Once used as an automotive repair garage the building features a large workshop, a mid-sized room on the eastern side that was once a break room, a large room that takes up most of the floor space that had been used as the main office and waiting room, a small side room previously used as a storage area, a small private office and a small men's toilet room.


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  • The building uses the same in-game model as the Del Perro Clubhouse featured in the recent GTA Online: Bikers update. As such, the image used to represent the clubhouse remains the sole property of Rockstar Games and is used only for fan-fiction purposes.