The "Devils Chosen MC - Jesters MC War" was a short-lived gang war fought between the Devils Chosen MC and their bitter rivals the Jesters MC. It took place in Los Santos in early 2013 and claimed six lives. It stands as one of the bloodiest conflicts in Los Santos' outlaw motorcycle club underworld having seen multiple acts of brutal violence in a short period of time. According to underworld sources, the fighting began after the Jesters MC disrespected the Outcasts MC in a very public setting.  

Angered by the act of blatant disrespect the Devils Chosen began a bloody campaign of retribution against their rivals in order to defend their club honour. The two clubs were roughly equal in size and seemed to be evenly matched at the outbreak of the war. However, the Jesters seriously underestimated their rival's willingness to use extreme violence and very quickly found themselves overwhelmed. The war lasted only two weeks but involved some of the most brutal fighting ever seen in Los Santos.  

Participants Edit

† indicates that this character is deceased

Devils Chosen MCEdit

Jesters MCEdit

  • Jonathan Davis (1966 - 2012) †
  • Roy Travers (1979 - 2012) †
  • Harold Johnson (1973 - 2012) †
  • Russell Taylor (1985 - 2012) †

Unaffiliated BikersEdit

  • Stephen Wallace (later became an Devils Chosen MC Prospect)
  • Earle Morris (later became an Devils Chosen MC Prospect)
  • Harry Jones (1976 - 2012) †

Sequence Of EventsEdit

The war officially began on February 15th, 2013. According to the Devils Chosen, it began when three members of the Jesters MC entered the Mirror Park Tavern wearing their patches. Four members of the Devils Chosen approached the group at the counter and ordered them to take off their patches, it was widely known that the Rogue's Lounge was a Devils Chosen bar and that the club enforced a policy of only allowing their patches to be worn inside the bar. The commonly followed protocol of respect said that the Jesters had to either contact the Devils Chosen for permission to wear their patch or that they take it off when requested. 

However, the three Jesters MC members ignored the thinly veiled warning and carried on drinking. A violent argument erupted when one of the Devils Chosen members shoved a Jester and attempted to pull off his patched leather vest. The argument exploded into an all-out brawl ending with two Jesters being severely beaten and one having his leather vest ripped off his back patch and all. All three of the rival bikers were hospitalized with extensive injuries and the Devils Chosen took the Jesters patch as a trophy.  

A day later, in retaliation for the brawl at the bar, several members of the Jesters MC ambushed and murdered a patched Devils Chosen in a poorly lit alley. Enraged by the death of one of their own the Devils Chosen began systematically targeting every member, associate, friend and business of the Jesters in a brutal campaign of vengeance. Over the course of a week the Devils Chosen burned the informal Jesters MC Clubhouse to the ground, murdered three patched Jesters and firebombed an automotive garage with ties to the rival club. An unaffiliated biker loyal to the Jesters was ambushed and killed behind a warehouse by a Devils Chosen hang around.  

The Jesters retaliated in a series of attacks aimed at businesses affiliated with the Devils Chosen. A motorcycle repair garage owned by the club was extensively vandalized and a senior member was attacked at a popular strip club. The Devils Chosen responded by ambushing by the Vice-President of the Jesters MC at a seldom frequented car park on the edge of town. Several patched members of the Devils Chosen killed the Jesters Vice-President in a hail of gunfire before locating and destroying the motorcycles owned by the members of the Jesters MC.  

The war was brought to an end after two weeks of brutal fighting when the Devils Chosen shut down the Jesters MC stripping them of their patch. As an act of final vengeance the Devils Chosen burnt every Jesters patch and warned the few surviving members that any attempt at reforming in the club, in Los Santos or anywhere else, would result in the deaths of the few survivors. The two surviving Jesters were chased out of town with nothing but their motorcycles and the clothes on their backs.  

With the collapse of their club the survivor duo became nomad bikers. All in all the war claimed a total of six lives; three Jesters, one Devils Chosen and two unaffiliated bikers. The Devils Chosen emerged as the undisputed victors claiming their rightful position as the locally dominant club.  


  • It is later revealed that the Jesters MC were a puppet club of The Lost MC hoping to gain the favor of the infamous motorcycle club by taking out the Devils Chosen MC. The war brought the Devils Chosen to the attention of The Lost MC prompting tense encounters between the two clubs. It also earned the Devils Chosen the approval of the Angels of Death MC who were impressed by the violent and efficient way in which the Devils Chosen shutdown the Jesters MC.