"Do unto others and suffer no slight"
―Official club motto

The Devils Chosen Motorcycle Club (DCMC) is an outlaw motorcycle club based in Los Santos in 2011. Angus Martin, the club founder and President of the Los Santos chapter, is the protagonist of Brotherhood Rising.

History Edit

According to its official website, the Devils Chosen MC began in 2010 with four ex-servicemen who met in Los Santos. It began as a small club for people dissatisfied with the rampant betrayal and self-serving egos so often seen in the motorcycle community. It was formed in an effort at recapturing the sense of brotherhood and camaraderie found in the armed forces.

At least, that is the official story presented to the general public. Its true origins lie in a bloody feud with The Lost MC that was born from an internal conflict in The Lost's Blaine County chapter. The original members of the club were all once senior members of The Lost MC who were betrayed by their former club. In mid-2010 Blaine County chapter President Johnny Klebitz ordered the deaths of Angus Martin and three other senior members in a drug-fueled rage.

A hit squad sent by The Lost MC ambushed Angus and a group of his supporters at a local bar unleashing a hail of bullets. The attack failed when the gunmen drew their weapons too early alerted their would-be targets of their intentions. After the failed assassination Angus and his supporters confronted the Blaine County chapter to demand an explanation from Johnny. Receiving nothing but insults and further threats the group spat in Johnny's face and left to form their own club.

This betrayal has created a bloody feud between the two clubs which continues to this day. Los Santos has seen a continued war between The Lost MC and the Outcasts MC with numerous violent confrontations between their respective Los Santos chapters. Aware of the simmering tensions, the Los Santos Police Department is very quick to separate members of the two clubs at public events.


San Andreas Edit

Los Santos Edit

The Los Santos chapter was founded on March 12th, 2011. It was formed by four former members of The Lost MC who gathered in Los Santos to establish their own club after being betrayed by The Lost in a failed assassination. In 2013, the chapter is based in La Mesa where it has successfully carved out territory and criminal rackets for itself. It uses the title "Los Santos chapter" as a clear indication of its keen interest in statewide expansion.

The chapter has forged a business partnership with the Los Santos Vagos to form a arms trafficking and methamphetamine distribution network. This partnership allows both groups to draw impressive profits from trafficking illegal firearms and meth across Los Santos. In addition to this, the chapter has also forged a distribution deal with Trevor Philips to distribute his methamphetamine across Blaine County in exchange for a cut of his profits.

Support Clubs Edit

Pariahs MC Edit

Founded in 2008 the Pariahs MC is a small outlaw motorcycle club based in Dillimore, San Andreas. It was sanctioned as an official support club in early 2013 with members serving as hired guns and back up as required by the Devils Chosen. Though very small in size, with only nine current members, the club has proven itself highly capable and incredibly violent. It is one of three small-time outlaw clubs in Dillimore currently embroiled in a brutal war for territorial control over the city, the other two being the Damned Ones MC and the Rogue Riders MC.

Ranking members of the Devils Chosen MC have been seen visiting the club leading local authorities to believe that a patch over may be in the works. It is common practice for members of a larger club to visit a prospective club to inform them on club policy and bylaws before a patch over.

Marauders MC Edit

Founded in 1997 the Marauders MC is a small outlaw motorcycle club based in Palomino Creek, San Andreas. It was sanctioned as an official Devils Chosen MC support club in late 2013 acting as hired guns and backup for the Devils Chosen. It is small in size with only ten members but has proven that it is highly capable and good at establishing criminal rackets.

Local law enforcement believes that it is being groomed to become a Outcasts MC Hang Around chapter. Ranking members of the Devils Chosen have been seen visiting the club further lending support to the rumours.



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