Derby Harrington
Bullworth High Pre-Enrolment Photo
Full name: Derby Harrington
Also known as: Mr. Harrington
Gender: Male
Date of birth: February 9th 1975 (aged 38)
Place of birth: San Fierro, San Andreas
Home: East Carraway, Liberty
Nationality: American
Family: Cynthia Harrington (wife)
Arthur Harrington (son)
Emelia Harrington (daughter)
Richard Harrington (son)
Main Affiliation: Harrington Family
Vehicle(s): Black Enus Super Diamond
Businesses: Various family enterprises
"The quintessential privileged blue-blood. Obscenely wealthy with an ego that would make MC Clip jealous. Treats the poor as sub-humans and believes the world exists as his personal playground."
―GTA Expanded Universe Description
Derby Harrington is a prominent character featured in the GTA Expanded Universe. He is the current head of the wealthy Harrington Family and a prominent socialite in East Carraway.

He is the only son of the powerful property tycoon and oil mogul Robert Harrington. He was a legacy student of the ill-fated Bullworth Academy and a staunch opponent of the private school's forcible closure. Despite his protests and stubborn refusal to transfer to Bullworth High School Derby was forced to do so by his father. Intent on saving his social status Derby founded the elitist Sigma Phi high school fraternity and established a "preppy" sub-clique. Only students from wealthy and aristocratic families were allowed to join Sigma Phi to "keep out the riff-raff".

In 2011, Derby's father died of a freak illness at the age of seventy three leaving the entirety of the truly immense Harrington fortune to his only son. In order to protect his father's legacy Derby maintains a personal control over the family fortune and the affairs of the family. He keeps a close eye on the family's various assets with immense pride in what his family has accomplished. Derby is also extremely proud of the fact that he closely resembles his father and that his sons, in turn, closely resemble him.

Adult Life Edit

Derby married Cynthia Ashcroft, the eldest daughter of phenomenally successful Liberty City banker George Ashcroft, in a lavish ceremony held at the family's East Carraway mansion in 2006. The newlyweds' fathers had secretly arranged the entire romance from behind the scenes to cement a highly lucrative partnership that would enrich both families. It was an unanticipated bonus that Derby and Cynthia had actually fallen deeply in love with Derby proposing to Cynthia with a flawless sixty carat diamond engagement ring. The newlyweds took up residence in the Harrington family's second mansion on the highly prestigious Owl Creek Avenue in Westdyke.

In 2008, the couple welcomed the birth of their first child. Derby promptly named the boy Edmund expressing immense satisfaction at the birth of a male heir to continue the Harrington line. From the very beginning Derby expressed immense pride in his infant son making careful preparations for his schooling and upbringing.

In 2009, following his father's instructions as a matter of family honour, Derby had the Harrington Family Crypt carefully restored and renovated to give it a new lease of life. Located in the exclusive Pinecreek Cemetery in East Carraway the Harrington Family Crypt houses the cremations of every member of the Harrington Family dating back to the early seventeenth century. The restoration of the crypt brought it back to its former luxury and splendor as befitted a family of the Harringtons status. When Derby's father died in 2011 the young Derby had him cremated and interred in the crypt following his final wishes. Derby has confirmed that he too will be cremated and interred alongside his ancestors when he dies.

Turning his attention to his family's business holdings Derby proved his worth. He took control of Harrington Oil taking it from an already highly successful crude oil company and turning it into one the largest and most powerful oil companies in the northeastern United States. He signed lucrative supply contracts with a number of filling station chains including Globe Oil and Xero. Derby also negotiated the purchase of several offshore and onland oil fields greatly increasingly Harrington Oil's supply capability. 

In 2010, capitalizing on his success, Derby bought the San Fierro-based Vank Hoff Hotel chain rebranding it as Harrington Hotels with each hotel branded as "Harrington". He sold the chain's second location, located in the inner city, to the Von Crastenburg Family and bought the Moist Palms Hotel in Vice City using the money from the sale. Derby bought a number of hotels across the country rebranding them under the Harrington brand thus forming a hotel chain.


In all respects Derby is the quintessential example of the arrogant "blue blood". His privileged and pampered upbringing gave him an attitude of arrogant superiority and a sense of entitlement. Though he has occasional moments of compassion for the less fortunate he predominantely looks down on those on middle or low range incomes viewing them as beneath him. In fact, he regards anyone who is not wealthy as a peasant. He is a strong supporter of the rights and privileges of the wealthy elite financially supporting any politician whose platform aligns with these attitudes.

He is possessed of a ruthless intelligence and business acumen paired with a cleverness that has made a force to be feared in the business world. Derby also has a firm belief in the superiority of his lineage to the extent that he has created a family crest based on old family iconography which has been made official. He is a strong supporter of conservative politics and has a distinct right-wing political leaning. Derby has taken an active role in politics providing financial backing to local politicians whose goals align with his interests. 


  • The image used to portray Derby remains the sole property of Rockstar Games as does his character in its original form. This article exists solely for fan-fiction purposes as a continuation of the character's story after the end of the game.
  • Derby is an extreme example of the negative personas of the world's wealthiest individuals. He shows disdain and contempt for the poor viewing them as the common throng. 

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