Their name says it all. Demon Beasts are originally harmless floating souls of devils that are looking for a new body in the overworld and only show their true selves when combined with a person who has given in to his inner negativity.

Possession Process Edit

Demon Beasts start out as leviatating invisible devil souls, only to be seen by those who are pure of heart. The process can only begin when a human being has enough negative energy emitting out of them. Once a demon soul has found a person who matches this criteria, they start lingering around that person in a similar manner to a moth to a flame.

The soul now has the ability to subconsciously force the person into doing more and more evil and progressively crueler deeds until the person loses his soul to the devil himself, leaving a hollow shell ready for the soul to now finally take housing in. When the new soul enters the body, it becomes engulfed in flames until the new materialized demon beast emerges. They appear to be very similar to Monsters.

This process can only be stopped if a pure of heart defeats the soul and either destroys it altogether or forces it back to the underworld.

Appearance Edit

Soul Edit

The original souls at first appear as extremely misshapen bubbles. It retains this form while wandering and for a small while

Processing Edit

While the soul is preparing for entering the body and morphing, the soul now starts to take shape of what beast it wants to become, starting with the number of eyes. The simplest and one of the most common is a single eye that is capable of expressing a lot of emotion, and the most severe case recorded is that the soul looked like a floating lump of eyeballs.

It retains that form for a while and about halfway into the soul-losing process, it starts to change color. Again, the simplest known form is a single primary cover covering the whole soul, and the most severe is what looks like a ball of regurgitation.

The final form a demon soul can take is a miniature version of what it will become once it's inside the body. By this point, it is too late to save the person as they are right about to lose their soul.

Adult BeastEdit

The demon has now taken control of the human's body and has become one of many different horrifying creatures.

What kind of demon beast it becomes is based on what type of discontent the person gave in to. If it's fury, the beast will most likely become a very large and threatening bird of prey with talons and a beak that could cut right through a log. If a person gave in to depression, they would most likely become a goblin-like creature. More suitable to scaring it's victims and then slowly eating its innards.

In very rare instances, the beast will be suited to kill on specific person.


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