"Come and enjoy some of the best coastal scenery San Andreas has to offer. Home to a number of nationally famous attractions Del Monte County offers the perfect combination of coastal and rural living with word-class views on your doorstep. Escape the hustle and bustle of the big cities and enjoy a simpler life. The people are friendly and the food is good. What more could you want?"
―Del Monte County Tourism Board

Del Monte County is a county in northern San Andreas, featured in Brotherhood Rising. It is bordered by San Miguel County to the south, Soquel County to the north, San Juan County to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It's characteristics include world famous coastlines, large expanses of semi-arid flatland, fertile pockets of farmland, golden sand beaches and pristine marine reserves. The county also features forested hills and grassland making it an ecologically diverse region home to a wide assortment of wildlife.

One of the county's most prominent claims to fame is the Colinas Valley which is listed as one of the most productive agricultural regions in the state. The valley is informally known as "America's Salad Bowl" for its role in producing most of the salad greens consumed in the United States. In addition to salad greens the valley also produces large amounts of other groups and is a major viticulture area hosting a number of large scale vineyards. This reputation has made it an area of immense pride for the people of Del Monte County. The county also borders a portion of the world famous Del Monte Bay which serves as another claim to fame for its residents.

Cities Edit

Towns Edit

Mounts, Ranges and Valleys Edit

  • Mount Burnett (Junipero Serra Peak)
  • Mount Latham (Fremont Peak)
  • Santa Christina Ranges (Santa Lucia Mountains)
  • Winnemucca State Wilderness (Pfieiffer Big Sur State Park)
  • John's Peak Park (Jack's Peak Park)
  • Colinas Valley (Salinas Valley)


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