Dealing With the Obsessed is the second storyline mission in Grand Theft Friendships: Salvador Real's Adventures.


Salvador Real tells Eduardo Tena it's time to show their 6th Grade "buddies" they mean business. He sends Esuardo to the school, while Salvador goes out to take care of stuff.


Go to Dimitri's house in Hove Beach, and start throwing rocks at it. Once the residents are irritated, Salvador says their son is going too far. Next, go to D'Angelo Magana's house and do the same thing. No one comes out, but Salvador then realizes only Dimitri is "obsessed" with him. Go back and meet Eduardo. He tells him he threw rocks at their house as a way to tell them to back off. Eduardo is satisfied enough, and leaves.


$200, plus the next mission, Braulio's Night Out.


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