Dagger is the main antagonist of Tales of In-Between World. He is a son of the entities Life and Death and was also a headmate of Original Lathan.


Dagger doesn't have a physical form. He is a soul that only possesses bodies (usually Deorc ones). When he sucessfully taken over one body, half of the portion of his victim's skin will turn into steel and will gain a red eye.

In Post-Shifter era, his appearance changed. His head is like a red-orange flame and wears a coat.


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"Partnership" // "Contract"Edit

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Arc AppearancesEdit

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  • Dagger is former name "Gager". This was later change into his current name on the latest revision of the series.
  • He was supposed to be Lance but it was decided to be his own being after revising the Prologue.
  • Eversince the series was created, Dagger is already the villain of the story even though the plot hasn't been fully conceptualized.
  • His former appearance was actually a bizarre, brute monster that have absurdly long, golden fangs and claws that can tear anyone apart.

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