Dagger is the main antagonist of Tales of In-Between World.


Dagger doesn't have a physical form. He is a soul that only possesses bodies (usually Deorc ones). When he sucessfully taken over one body, half of the portion of his victim's skin will turn into steel and will gain a red eye.


Dagger is defined as a sadistic being that enjoys torturing his victims through his slow and painful methods. He takes advantage of their horrible psychological experiences then use physical advantage. He loves making plans and put them on action as soon as possible. He is also great at strategizing his plans which either confuse or surprise his enemies, which he first did when he begin his onslaught on both Scheinan and Deorc kingdoms.

Dagger also loves betraying his comrades and substitutes. He either leaves them to their doom or executing them on the spot. Whenever he comes across Lathan and/or his group/friends, he usually taunts them and forces them to fight him. 

Arc AppearancesEdit

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  • Dagger is former name "Gager". This was later change into his current name on the latest revision of the series.
  • He is supposed to be Lance but it was decided to be his own being after revising the Prologue.
  • Eversince the series was created, Dagger is already the villain of the story even though the plot hasn't been fully conceptualized.
  • His former appearance was actually a bizarre monster that have absurdly long fangs and claws that can tear anyone apart.

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