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Disclaimer: This article is mostly fact-free.

Cyan Garamonde, also known as Cayenne or Chili Pepper, is a samurai from the kingdom of Dormant, a kingdom known for . . . . . . . . being dormant while they got attacked by enemies. He has a habit of using Olde English speak, frequently using words like "thou" and "thee" and all that stuff. He is universally hated by all machines, and has had to negotiate his way out of many conflicts with robots and other machine-like things. He also has a fierce hatred of invisible men, blow darts, and pool tables.

Storyline Edit

Once again, the kingdom of Dormant was attacked by the United States government. As always, Dormant decides to . . . . . . . . . be dormant and do nothing, and watch and let the US government starve to death outside their castle walls. However, president Kefka, King of One-Liners and Dolls, decides to hire The Invisible Man to walk through the walls of the castle and kill as many people as he can. The Invisible Man kills everyone but Cyan and his friend Marcus. Marcus kills the Invisible Man at the cost of his own life, and Cyan becomes depressed because everyone died. He then kills himself, but the gods of storytelling realized that that kind of story sucks and revived him.

He did a bunch of other stuff too, but that doesn't matter as much. It is irrelevant.

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