"Crysentos Lives!"

- Crysentos proclaiming his existence and welfare.

Crysentos (Real name Milan Breckenridge) is a cyborg and main henchman for Den-A'ar.


Pre-Scorched EarthEdit

As MilanEdit

Milan was formerly the pilot of the well-known and feared space ship, the "Crysentos Guardian". He usually flew with a team when on missions, even though he could easily overpower nearly any vessel with his weapons and skill. Still, his teammates had to endure his ego and relentless amounts of commands to supply him with various things. One even called him a "dictator" in a salvaged journal. He wasn't liked by many people, but the ones who valued their lives knew better than to challenge him.

First "Death"Edit

Everything changed when the industrial apocalypse began. All of his allies immediately staged a coup and attacked him when his guard was down. When a journal was examined, it was discovered that that was the day that Milan and Crysentos Guardian fell as opposed to a fuel accident that historians had originally thought. The really surprising thing is that all of the members of the coup stated in their various logs that Milan didn't put up much of a fight at all and went down within two minutes.

After Jenosyde's BombEdit

"Reborn" as CrysentosEdit

Exactly 1 year after Jenosyde's bomb destroyed the world, Den A'ar, after studying thousands upon thousands of history books and journals, he had begun rebuilding his artificial world and decided to look in the wreckage of the infamous Crysentos Guardian for powerful weapons. Instead, he discovered the mainframe which he discovered, after various rewiring, was set to autopilot.

He later found out that Crysentos was one of the few hundred people to know about the bomb and knew the end was not too far off. In the heat of the battle, he had left his controls to preserve himself, however, he was just seconds away from completing the cryogenics process when his ship was destroyed. As a result, his body was damaged beyond repair, yet his organs were able to survive.

Den A'ar was able to recover these and rebuild him, giving him a nearly indestructible body loaded with all types of weapons, most noteable is the quad-launcher strapped to his back, which also grants him temporary flight. During the War for the New World, Crysentos was Den A'ar's greatest ally, lapdog, and superweapon.

Crysentos Doesn't LiveEdit


In addition to his quad-launchers which can not only fire rockets, but fly like a helicopter and even shift into rocket boosters, the Crysentos Guardian suit has the ability to deliver quick, heavy punches, shoot laser beams from its hands, grow and retract blades on its legs, and even capsulate itself as a means of protection.

In addition, Crysentos has superhuman strength and endurance.

More Soon

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