Crossover Alternate Timelines (or CAT) is a series of The Fan of Wiki where it contains alternate timelines of every series are created within the author's mind and created Headcanons about it.

Author's DescriptionEdit

This series is made because I've been creating crossovers lately, especially with Rise of the Guardians and Teen Titans since both are my favorite fandoms. It's challenging because you actually put different characters on that alternate timeline and it's up to you how they interact with their personalities intact. Or do it on the other way around. It depends really on what AU you are creating and imagination doesn't have limits so why not make a character OOC (Out of Character)? That would be fun.


All stories are unrelated to each other. Here are:

  • Frosted Sea - a Steven Universe and Rise of the Guardians where all the events from both media happened on one world. Story mainly focuses on Lapis Lazuli and Jack Frost.
    • No shippings though :3
    • First part of the series
  • Old Burns - to be added


{ to be added }