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Lathan met Silver when he came to test his skill in a Monster Hunter world. He saved her from a pack of Velociprey and Silver was impressed by his abilities though she viewed him as a new rival. She introduced him to her village and the people warmly welcomed him and introduce him to his new hut. The chief, which is Silver's father, grew jealous of Lathan for being popular of taking down dangerous beasts, like Lao Shan Lung, Shen Gaoren and Deviljhos. These actions also astonish Silver even more and both became awkward around each other whenever they meet in the Gathering Hall.

On the Hunter's tournament, where all hunters from different places gather to hunt monsters as many as they can in three days, Lathan wasn't surprised that some of the hunters shot him suspicious looks and glares. He saw Silver among the crowds, wearing her usual armor with a hood and her golden eyes glanced at him. He looked away immediately and the trumpets echoed from the distance, the hunters run forth, going on several directions. Lathan chose to follow Silver's path and swiftly jump from tree to tree. When a Zinogre jumped in front of her, Lathan stopped and hesitated to help her or not. When he saw Silver was pinned down by the monster, he quickly sprung into action and slashes his Long Sword, cutting the beast's tail. The wolf-like monster howls painfully and turned its attention to its attacker. It charges towards Lathan who evaded quickly as he cut its horn. The Zinogre almost stumbled and u-turned in a last attempt to finish the hunter. Lathan simply waits and jumped when the monster is close enough, his sword piercing through its neck. He didn't see its claw dug deeply on his other arm and wondered why he didn't felt it. The monster dropped dead on its side when he pulled his sword from its neck. Silver watched in awe and even forgot to breathe. She snapped out of it as Lathan approached her while holding his injured right arm.

The huntress quickly suggest that he should clean up his wound before monsters could smell it. 

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