Music that fits Lathan (with the Main 12)

Lathan (to Main 12 and his siblings)Edit

Trouble by Imagine DragonsEdit

  • Specific Lyrics:
    • I took a photograph of me
      When I was only nineteen
      I looked a little lost at sea
      I keep trying to find me

    • So pray for me brother
      I need redemption
      I'm just a man
      A man on a mission
      I want no trouble
      Pray for me sister
      Give me a mention
      I got no faith
      And, oh, did I mention
      I want no trouble


King of the World by Young Rising Sons (along with rest of the Main 12)Edit

  • Specific Lyrics:
    • All the tales
      That have never been told
      Build up fires to keep away the cold
      We'll sing songs
      That will never get old
      We'll be here forever

    • We'll rule the world together forever
      With hearts of gold who needs any treasure?
      We'll take our time just living our lives
      Our castle in the sky
      If I was king of the world


Main 12 to LathanEdit

Second Chances by Imagine DragonsEdit

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