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Lathan, in his young days.

People or any creatures tend to carry their ideals too far that they forgot to change themselves. Either way, whether it's for a good purpose or not, they became someone who they never believed in.
-Lathan, the summary of his book series

Cron Derick Dragov IV or simply known as Lathan is the main character of Tales of In-Between World.

Appearance Edit

Human form Edit

Lathan stands in 6'1, but can also adjust his height at his will. He is usually seen by his teammates wearing different types of T-shirt. When the weather is cold, he wears a black jacket while doing daily duty maintaining the City.

His face is overally thin and has fiery orange hair , the similar definitions you could use with his twin brother who share the same traits.

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Personality Edit

Lathan is usually described by his close friends and subordinates as timid but loyal and supportive friend (and leader). Though he prefers to go alone on his missions, he is surprisingly to cooperate well with his teammates whenever they needed his assistance. While doing nothing or walking down a street, he is lost in his thoughts and tends to make hilarious instances like tripping over or fall off his chair. He hates to be teased by his teammates, especially the Twelves, and proceed to walk away to avoid further humiliation. Griffin keeps a cool composure whenever he engages in battle and usually waits for an opening, waiting for an opportunity to knock their balance off or any move that'll distract his enemy for a while. As one of the most experienced fighter, Lathan knows almost all the martial arts and adapted them into his unique fighting style to immobilize and intimidate to those who are willing to challenge him head on. As much as possible, he takes down his opponents without consuming much of his energy.

In Prologue, Lathan, despite being the eldest, is the stubborn and rebellious one; opposing Lance's carefree and matured attitude he attained in his young age.

History Edit

Arc: Princes of CrodothEdit

Lathan is born on December 15, X436 and was followed shortly by his younger brother Lance on planet Crodoth. When he grew stubborn at the age of 6, his father, the High King Cezus, criticizes him that he'll never be a king of his people because of his attitude unsuitable for a ruler or even for a leader. Lance, however, defends his older brother because Lathan can still change if their father gives him a chance and has the birthright to claim the throne in the future. Because of that incident, Lathan became more and more withdrawn from everyone, including his family, though he spends time playing/talking with his brother in some occasions. He is also comforted by their mother, Swirin, and assures him that he'll not only be a king but far better than one. The boy didn't seem to understand what those words meant yet but agrees with the notion.

Arc: His SiblingsEdit

After two weeks the Queen is banished, the court told the King to choose daughters from the lower kingdoms. Lathan didn't stop his father for making that decision and locked himself in his room for days. Nine months after the marriage, Cezus' second wife gave birth to another set of twins... fraternal twins, boy and girl which he named as Noel and Leah respectively. Lathan became a good model to his siblings while they grew up and Nele remarked that he should be a good father someday. The Prince bashfully looked away as Nele giggles and leaves a kiss on his cheek before walking away. After a few years, Lathan wondered why his father never bothers to search his kidnapped sibling and lashed out the High King during their dinner. King Cezus didn't seem to hear him at as he continue eating his meal while his stepmother stares at him with concern. Griffin stood up from his chair and walks away, unknown to him that his siblings' gazes are locked upon him. Few years later, new princes and princessess are being introduced to the kingdom and Lathan wasn't present in the castle. He ventures out to find his twin brother and his banished mother. Before going out, he was caught sneaking around by Nele and she assures she isn't going to tell anybody and gives her a quick peck on the lips before riding his dragon Rider and flew off in a blur.

Lathan came back after midnight and saw his father still waiting on the empty ballroom, eyes burning with anger. The High King told him that it was impossible to retrieve Lance from the hands of the Dagger and his mother is nowhere to be found. The prince lashes out once again that he should accept that they are left for dead and leave the ballroom, still feeling the weigh of his father's glare. When he gone through the second hallway, he saw his youngest siblings, four-year old Aisha and three-year old Delphium, peeking from their nursery room. He called their names and they hastily scarried away, fearing him for his impulsiveness. When he opened the door, he saw them standing and hugging each other. The oldest prince assured them that he wasn't bad. Delphium said that he is rebellious towards their father and Lathan admits that its true, but he'll never turn his back, even if they are only half-siblings. After a next few months, Cezus' fourth wife gave birth to their last daughter, Eurydice, before passing away. With no one to take care of his youngest sibling with his father depressed, Lathan took responsibility and took care of her until she was five. 

Lathan was currently wooing Nele by the time when Eurydice is three years old and she was taught how to read books. 

Arc: LossEdit

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Powers & Abilities Edit

Since Lathan is one of the perfect Angel-Demon hybrid, he developed his own abilities that exceeded humans' and other creatures have. He is also one of the main creators of superhuman powers and bestowed it to different races once they are born/created.

Lathan didn't show that he can almost do most abilities because people might think that he is a god. He wanted to remain humble and equal with his friends, especially the Twelves.

Main AbilitiesEdit

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed/Agility
  • Intelligence
  • Endurance
  • Durability
  • Morphing Abilities

Additional AbilitiesEdit

  • Power Augmentation/Power Negation*
  • Power Mimicry*
  • Healing Factor/Regeneration**
  • Superhuman senses**
  • Innate capability***
  • Omniscience***
  • Immortality****
  • Reality Warping****
  • Resurrection***
  • Elemental/Environmental/Energy Manipulation*
  • Dimensional/Time Travel*****
    • He is also known as "Dimensional Time Guy" because of it.
  • Flight***
    • Wings***

* - means rarely used
** - means used when in grave danger
*** - means used when around Main 12
**** - means original ability
***** - taught by the Dark Beasts

Signature WorksEdit

Lathan spent his lonely years building advanced technology while on his scarred planet Iurov.


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  • Strength: 9/10
  • Speed: 8/10
  • Intelligence: 11/10
  • Endurance: 8/10
  • Durability: 8/10
  • Morphing Abilities: 11/10
  • Friendly: 5 /10

Trivia Edit

  • Lathan's name is loosely based of "Nathan" which means "Gift of God"

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