"I sure do miss my big bro Cristino. He's getting his master's degree at his college back in El Salvador."
Salvador Martinez

Cristino Martinez (born sometime around 1996, current age: about 17) is a mentioned character in Sibling Rivalries. He is the older brother of "San" Salvador Martinez by about two years.

Cristino was mentioned in the comic "Wouldn't It Be Nice?. San Salvador mentions that he is currently attending an unnamed college in El Salvador and is working to get his master's degree. Because earning a master degree takes six years, he would most likely graduate around 2018.

It is unknown if Cristino will ever appear in person.


  • The name Cristino was given to the character because it is a Salvadoran name, and San Salvador is from the country of El Salvador.
  • Because Cristino is working to earn his master's degree, it is possible he is planning to get a job such as a physician assistant or school administrator after graduating from college.


Sibling Rivalries Pre-Series


Sibling Rivalries Main Series

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