Countryside Village is a fictional village located in British Colombia, Canada, north of Vancouver. The village appears in Sibling Rivalries: Salvador Real's Adventures, Sibling Rivalries: Vancouver Stories, and Sibling Rivalries.

In 2011, Jason Parker and Drake Romero have a football game in this village, and in 2012, Salvador and his gang travel here to find Braulio Gullien Samaguey and Armando Vasquez.



  • Eduardo Tena was born and raised in Countryside Village. Since he is full Mexican, it is possible both his parents were born in Mexico, then moved to Countryside Village, where they had Eduardo at.
  • Countryside Village looks similar to the countryside of San Andreas (Whetstone and Flint County), hence "Countryside" in the name.
  • The climax of both VS and SRA take place in Countryside Village.

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