Coop & Berry is an American animated TV comedy cartoon on Spree about two young dog siblings who jump from owner to owner but can never get a permanent one due to their conflicting personalities. The show itself was generally unsuccessful and only had a handful of fans. It was lucky to get over 50 viewers on episode premieres, despite critics being pleasantly surprised by it, considering Spree's controversy with the show's predecessor

It was a pure entertainment show described as "Wanting to see its viewers have a good time whole still being down-to-earth". Unfortunately, after the show ended, it was labeled as a financial failure and was given a timeslot when more kids were in school or asleep. The biggest complaint about the show was it lacking substance. It ran for two seasons with 13 episodes each.


  • Coop Leppa
  • Berry Leppa
  • Various Humans
  • The Dog Poachers
  • Adam the Seal


Season 1Edit

  • Episode 1: Me, Myself, and I (Series Premiere/Pilot)
  • Episode 2: New Owner
  • Episode 3: Diving Lessons
  • Episode 4: The Bigger Sibling
  • Episode 5: Weather-Forcasting Stone
  • Episode 6: Jake and the Poachers
  • Episode 7: Dinosaur Bones
  • Episode 8: Collar Switch
  • Episode 9: Banned
  • Episode 10: Strange Food
  • Episode 11: Celebrity Sighting
  • Episode 12: Invasion (Part 1)
  • Episode 13: Invasion (Part 2) (Season Finale)

Season 2Edit

  • Episode 14: Obedience School (Season Premiere)
  • Episode 15: The Ugliest Cone
  • Episode 16: Fetch All-Stars
  • Episode 17: Video Vacuum.
  • Episode 18: Lick Him While he's Down
  • Episode 19: The One who got Away
  • Episode 20: Our Late Uncle Sam

(More Soon)


  • Vector Networks lists Coop & Berry as a show that could have been highly successful. The network stated that it was disappointed that the series didn't achieve the levels of success forecast for it prior to its official release. Coop & Berry was approved by the network and screened in its early morning programming block on Spree aimed at the younger portion of the channel's audience. It had immense potential and could have been offered an extended contract for multiple seasons. But low ratings in the first season saw it cut from the future line up much to the disappointment of fans. However, Vector Networks, has stated it intends to remain in contact with the show's creator and hasn't ruled out a revival of the show in a revised format.
  • It is revealed in "The Bigger Sibling" that while Coop is taller than Berry, the latter is older.
  • There was an episode planned titled "Souls Lost" which involved Coop and Berry attempting to find out after life ends by suffocating themselves with pillows and getting stuck in Limbo after taking a wrong turn on their way to Heaven. The episode, while still retaining the zaniness and charm of the cartoon, was deemed to be far too dark and was banned from ever airing. However, Vector Networks has suggested that the episode may be allowed to screen at a later date on a late night time slot on WCN. The network recently unveiled a late night segment to be hosted on the WCN channel showcasing teenage and more mature themed cartoons. This news has created hope for a Anything Goes revival or at least a series of re-runs.
  • Anything Goes' fans mostly had a negative reaction to the show, saying that it a was "Rip-off".
  • Coop and Berry only had one Spree bumper. In it, Coop spray painted the Spree logo on a wall, only to be presumably cleaned off by an unhappy Berry holding cleaning supplies.

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