Compa Seghart is the granddaughter of Moopa Seghart. She is a nurse-in-training, the one who found Neptune and is close friends with her.


Compa has long light congo-pink hair with matching congo-pink eyes. She wears a tan-white button-up sweater with a congo-pink undershirt. Compa wears a red plaid skirt, black knee-socks, and often carries a black hip purse, and heart shaped buttons. Both her headband and her purse has a noticeable "C" logo.


Compa is a very kind and caring girl. As a girl who dreams to become a nurse one day, she takes this dream of hers very seriously.

In training, she tries her very best to make sure that she never leaves any person unhealthy and leave alone someone who is injured, regardless of how small the injury may be, as shown as how often she tends to react to any injuries Neptune may sustain, much to her chagrin. Compa be somewhat of a ditz and very clumsy as well, sometimes failing to see the kind of trouble that is happening until she realizes it a second late. She also has a habit of tripping onto anything or anyone. Despite all these, Compa is still a very kind person with a heart of gold, caring for anybody in need no matter the situation and what they've done.


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  • Compa never had a surname in the original game series.

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