Collar & Cuffs
Type: Clothing Company
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Locations: Ocean Beach, Vice City
Downtown, Vice City

Collar & Cuffs is a high-class clothing store featured in the Grand Theft Auto series, which also appears in the GTA Expanded Universe. It debuted in GTA: Vice City as a single store based in Ocean Beach. By 2013, it has expanded into a small chain opening an additional store in Downtown Vice City.

The chain has become highly popular with local media celebrities, business professionals and lawyers. It sells a range of expensive business and formal attire.

Locations Edit

Vice City Edit

Corporate Buyout Attempts Edit

Collar & Cuffs has repeatedly rejected buyout offers from Perseus and Didier Sachs. In 2005, it received a sizeable purchase offer from Perseus which had intended to buy the small chain in order to establish a retail presence in Vice City without incurring the expense of building its own stores. In what many viewed as a risky move, the small chain refused the offer and instead significantly raised its advertising efforts to counter an imminent Perseus expansion.

In 2008, Didier Sachs offered an even greater amount of money for the very same reasons. But the smaller Collar & Cuffs again rejected the offer of a corporate-level buyout opting to continue trading as an independent chain. It stepped up its operations significantly in order to remain competitive. As of 2013 there have been no further takeover attempts but the chain is still viewed with great interest.

Trivia Edit

  • Collar & Cuffs, in its original form, remains the sole property of Rockstar Games. This article is used to expand upon the original business for fan-fiction purposes.
  • Its name is a double entendre referencing both collars and cuffs as used in bondage as well as in formal clothing.

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