The Colinas Valley State Prison is a maximum security prison operated and managed by the San Andreas State Prison Authority. It's location, in a remote and scarcely inhabited area of the Colinas Valley, was chosen so as to completely separate dangerous criminals from society.

It was built around the same time as its sister prison the Alderney State Correctional Facility and bears a number of similarities to its sister facility on the other side of the country. Due to its classification as a maximum security facility the prison features an outer concrete wall topped with razor wire and multiple guard towers.

Colinas Valley State Prison employs a large security staff as well an expanded operational staff in order to operate as efficiently and securely as possible. Prison guards are equipped with tazers and batons with a riot team ready to leap into action at a moment's notice. Security guards armed with carbine rifles and equipped with body armor patrol the outer prison grounds and the immediate vicinity around the outer prison walls. This heavy security presence has been justified by the fact that Colinas Valley State Prison holds many death row inmates and other prisoners deemed too dangerous for other prisons. It takes prisoners from across the state serving as one of the highest security facilities in the state prison system. In addition to its highly dangerous and violent inmates the prison also holds less dangerous criminals incarcerated in it for various reasons.

The prison is notorious for housing some of the most violent and dangerous criminals in the state with psychopaths, serial killers, former assassins, violent gang members and cult members included in its sizeable inmate population. It operates an electric chair and lethal injection chamber for this reason.

Service Vehicles Edit

Due to its high security nature Colinas Valley State Prison utilizes a fleet of specialist service vehicles carrying prison livery.

Warning signs Edit

The immediate area around the prison and the approach road features numerous warning signs in an attempt at warning locals. Due to the high profile nature of many of its inmates security is taken very seriously with the use of lethal force authorized.

  • WARNING: You are approaching a maximum security facility. Report any suspicious activity to the state police immediately. Possession of firearms on prison grounds is strictly prohibited.
  • WARNING: The use of lethal force has been authorized. Security staff will not hesitate to open fire should you take hostile action. All threats will be taken seriously.
  • WARNING: Do not pick up hitchhikers in this area. Escape is highly unlikely but any hitchhikers may be escaped convicts. Report any hitchhikers immediately.
  • Notice: This area is under constant electronic surveillance. Security cameras are operating at all times for your safety.
  • Danger: Armed personnel and guard dogs on duty.
  • Notice: Please cooperate with security staff and follow any instructions given. For your safety please do not ignore any direct order given by a uniformed security officer.
  • WARNING: The smuggling of contraband into the facility is a punishable offence. Security staff may request to search you, your belongings or your vehicle at any time. You must comply with these requests or you may be expelled from prison grounds.

Notable Inmates Edit

Former Inmates Edit


  • Colinas Valley State Prison is a high profile facility in the San Andreas prison system. It houses some of the most dangerous criminals in the state under very tight security. Facility-wide use of lethal force has been authorized and prison guards are ordered to shoot to kill in the extremely unlikely event of an escape. The prison actively maintains a death row facility with strict death sentences.
  • The prison's security personnel are among some of the most highly trained in the state due to the high profile nature of the prison. Every officer is permitted to use extreme force to control inmates and may use lethal force if restraint is not an option. For this reason exterior security personnel are armed with high-powered carbine rifles and body armour. Prison guards are armed with tazers, batons and pepper spray.

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