Cianna was a supporting character in the cancelled The Brotherly Bond franchise. She is the older sister of Andrew and the crush of Junior. Junior wanted to go out with her, but she always rejected. However, Junior never gave up, and he was still interested in her throughout most of the full-length comics.

Although not being interested in Junior at first, they would have later became a couple at the end of The Brotherly Bond: At World's End, after Junior, along with Azriel, Andrew, and AZRIEL-D2, save the world.

Following TBB's cancellation, Cianna and all other characters have been confirmed as non-existent, and all of the events that occured in the franchise are non-canon to the GTA Nerd Comic Universe.


Cianna would have appeared in these comics.

She only appeared in one comic in The Brotherly Bond: The Brothers Return!, which was "Frightmare!".

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