Christopher "Chris" Andrew Turner is the protagonist of Turner's Second Chance. He is a 15 year-old teenage boy who had a rough childhood while growing up in Compton, California. He would often get picked on by the delinquent kids in the area as a kid, and would also get constantly abused by his alcoholic, drug-addicted father.

After Chris's parents divorce and the father gets sent to jail, Chris moves to San Francisco with his mother and little brothers. After seeing the tiny apartment that they have to live in, Chris decides to set out and find a way to make money, alongside his cousin and best friend Hunter Prince.


Early LifeEdit

Chris was born on December 12, 2000 in Compton, California, to David and Tonya Turner, being the first of three sons that they would have together. Chris's life as a baby was normal; it wasn't until he got older that things would become more complicated for him. Shortly after Chris's birth, his father David would become addicted to drugs and alcohol, which drastically changed him and made him turn insane. He began to abuse his wife and his son (as he got older). Mostly it was physical abuse, which traumatized Chris very much.

It was only a couple of times that Chris got to see his older cousin Hunter, which was when he and his parents came down from San Francisco to visit the Turners every few years. Compared to Chris, Hunter's life was much more calm and peaceful, something Chris wished he could experience.

Chris would continue to be abused by David nearly every day of his life. The beatings mostly occurred at night, when David was really high and drunk. Chris's little brothers, Freddie and Andy, were born several years after Chris, but they were abused by David as well. However, unlike their older brother Chris, Freddie and Andy were not as traumatized by the beatings, and they both remained happy, playful kids.

By the time Chris was 5 years old, he began to run into the bullies and the delinquents of Compton, the first of them being named "Carl". Throughout 2005, Carl would beat up Chris and take his stuff, before Carl disappeared the following year.

Carl was the first of many delinquents that Chris would have run-ins with from 2006 to 2015. Chris attended public school, where he was picked on there as well, mostly for being poor and weak. Soon he got fed up with being treated so disrespectfully, so he began working out and learning how to fight. He began standing up to his enemies, and getting into fights with several bullies.

Chris's fighting got him into trouble many times at school, and he often got suspended for it as well. He once was arrested and was taken to juvenile detention for getting into too many fights. Eventually his mother took him out of public school around his fifth grade year, since she got tired of him getting beat up so many times. She homeschooled him for several years.

However, this still did not end his problems with other kids; as he continued to walk the streets of Compton, he was bullied by more delinquents. The bullies came and went throughout his life. His most recent bullies were the Chavez brothers, whom he met in 2015. He got into fights with each of the five brothers, and he successfully beat them all.

The last fight, which occured in December, was between him and Eric. Chris had a harder time beating Eric than the other four brothers. In the heavy fight they had, Eric scratched Chris's face when he pulled a knife on him. This left a huge scar on Chris's right cheek. He became angry, and in retaliation, he finally broke Eric's jaw, thus winning the fight.

After beating all of the brothers, they all left him alone, and Chris no longer faced any more bullies after that. He already made a name for himself in Compton, and he was known by others for being pretty tough. However, things were not perfect yet, as he still faced brutal beatings from his father almost daily.

Events of Turner's Second Chance (2016)Edit

In January, the Chavez brothers were arrested and taken to juvenile detention after they took several members of the McReary-Wilson Family hostage after getting into a fight with them during their vacation to California. Chris heard the news of his enemies getting arrested, and he was relieved that they would not bother him for the rest of his life.

In February, Chris's mother and his father went to court, when David had abused his family once again. Tonya won the court case, which led to them being divorced that same day, and David being taken to prison for multiple charges of abuse. A while after the court case, Tonya got a call from her sister Amanda, who invited her and her family to live in San Francisco. Tonya happily accepted, and she and her family later left Compton to move to San Francisco.

The Turners arrive to San Francisco on February 1, only three days after the court case. They reunite with Amanda, her husband Nathan, and her son Hunter. Chris is happy to see his cousin again after so long, as he is pretty much the only friend he has, despite the two not seeing each other in so long. the Turners see their new apartment, which is pretty disgusting and smaller than their old house. Chris is upset, and he announces his plans to get a job to support his family so they can get a better living arrangement. He turns to Hunter for help, who gets Chris a job with him as a paperboy at the Duran Print Works.

The boys start off working together as paperboys, being Chris's first job in San Francisco. Shortly after, Hunter introduces Chris to his good friend Jordan Haines, who may be able to help get the boys some better work. Chris and Jordan hang out several times and go to the gym together almost every day after that. Through Jordan, Chris meets his sister Vanessa, and develops a crush on her. With Jordan's help, he gets the two together and they become a couple.

The next month, Tristan A. Duran, the co-owner of the Duran Print Works under his father Charles, invites Chris by himself to the print works, and tasks him with the mission of putting down his father, who has had a heart attack and is now in critical condition at the hospital. Chris reluctantly carries out the job, disguising himself and then stealthily unplugging Charles's life support, then sneaking out of the hospital before he is caught.

Chris returns to the print works the following day to collect his payment for the job, but it turns out Tristan had him do this to simply get his father out of the way so he could give up working at the print works and instead pursue a life as a criminal. He reintroduces the Chavez brothers (who are actually his half-brothers) to get rid of Chris so nobody would get in his way. Chris escapes from the print works and tells Hunter that they are probably not able to work as paperboys anymore. Section to be continued ..


Chris's dark childhood has left him quite traumatized, although he tries his best to forget about it and put it all behind him. Overall, Chris is a friendly person simply trying to make money and show his mother that he can make it in the world. He cares deeply about his family and he only wants to support them when he becomes the man of the house following his father's arrest. Chris has made several enemies throughout his life in the form of bullies, but he only takes action when they come at him first. Other than that, Chris does not let his enemies drag him down, and he chooses to move on after they leave him alone. Chris is brave and is not afraid of anything. Even though as a young child, he was scared by his drug-addicted father, as he got older Chris became braver and started to retaliate, but not standing a chance against his powerful father.

At the end of TSC, Chris will lose either his mother, or his cousin to a brutal death. This is the only instance where Chris cries in the story (not counting the flashbacks of him as a child), and despite being devastated over the death, he moves on with the help and comfort of his friends, continuing to try not to let anything bring him down.


Chris wears a short-sleeved shirts with the sleeves being black, compared to the rest of his shirt, which is uncolored (although in his artwork, it is blue). He wears a watch on his left hand, and a wristband on his right. He wears blue jeans (uncolored in the actual comic), and basic shoes.

The most noticeable facial feature on Chris is his scar, which he got from fighting Eric Chavez, the leader of the Chavez brothers. This scar is located on his right cheek. He wears a black hat, with hair sticking out of it. Chris's hairstyle is the same as that of Patrick McReary and Jason Parker, and this can be seen in the rare times when Chris removes his hat.

Chapter AppearancesEdit

Turner's Second Chance

As the protagonist, he appears in all chapters.


  • Chris is the only character in TSC to appear in every chapter.
  • Chris's artwork is similar to that of the GTA IV Patrick McReary.
  • Chris takes similarities from both Niko Bellic and Jimmy Hopkins (the latter being the protagonist of the Rockstar Game Bully).
    • Chris and Niko both had rough pasts and wish to escape from it after moving to a new city. They are both helped out by their cousins, who are their deuteragonists (Roman Bellic for Niko, and Hunter Prince for Chris).
    • Chris and Jimmy are both 15 years-old, had rough childhoods (that toughened them up), and have gotten into fights before. However, Chris was not as much of a troublemaker as Hopkins was; He tends to be nicer and stay out of trouble, but when provoked he will fight back. Also, both Turner and Hopkin's outfits have blue in them.
    • Chris and Niko both lose somebody close to them at the end of their story (Niko loses Roman or Kate McReary, and Chris loses Hunter or his mother).
  • According to a conversation he has with Jason Parker, Chris's favorite sport is baseball, though he loves a little football.
Comparisons To Other GTA Nerd Comic Universe Characters
  • Chris is the only protagonist to not appear outside of his respective comic.
  • Chris is one of two protagonists who wears a hat as part of their trademark clothing, the other being Jason Parker.
    • Chris and Jason are also the only protagonists to never meet Cletus (although Patrick McReary has never met Cletus in a canon comic; all of the comics that they met in were non-canon).
  • Chris and Salvador Real are the only protagonists whose biological father has left them (although the reason for Mr. Real's disappearance was never explained).
  • Chris is chronologically the first human seen in the GTA Nerd Comic Universe, since TSC begins with a flashback of Chris as a five year-old in 2005.
    • This position was formerly owned by Jason Parker, who first chronologically appeared in 2011.
  • Chris and Patrick McReary are the only human GTA Nerd Comic Universe protagonists that are not part Hispanic. Chris is, in fact, the first full American protagonist.