"If I'm with you, I should be ready for anything and even my father would see my potential. It's like the time he fought in the Belkan War."
―Chihaya Itsuka
Chihaya Itsuka is a young Emmerian fighter pilot and the current squadron leader of the Osean Warowl Squadron. He is the son of Shido Itsuka and Tohka Yatogami.
F-15C -Vulcan-

Early lifeEdit

Born in 2000, almost a year after the events of Ulysses, he was having a comfortable time since his country suffered less damage after years of preparation and speedy recovery. In his early years, he got most of his education in Gracemeria.

Fearing for his son's safety, Shido moved Chihaya and Tohka to Osea months before the events of the Emmeria-Estovakia War while the former began training pilots under a pseudonym in Khesed Island. During his time, he took college in Bana City for a degree in engineering. When he returned to his country following Emmeria's victory, he was fascinated with aircraft after hearing the exploits of the ace pilot, Garuda 1. He then signed-up as a fighter pilot of the Republic of Emmeria Air Force.

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